Best Educational Fun Steam Toys To Give Right Now

STEAM toys are toys related to the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. As technology advances rapidly, knowledge of related topics will become more and more important. Most parents and professionals already know that.

I received product in the form of Steam toys for consideration here. Post may contain affiliate links. My opinion is all my own and it is truthful.

But did you also know that learning about STEAM can enhance experiences in other fields; it’s not just about academic subjects, but rather advancing skills like creativity and logical thinking that apply to countless future careers.

So What’s Trending in Stem and Steam Toys Right Now? 

Here are three Stem and Steam toys and kits we loved this month. They are perfect right now when kids are still waiting for school to resume, and they’d also make great birthday or holiday gifts. 

These unique and amazing STEAM toys from Nat Geo and SmartLab guarantee a fun learning opportunity. 

Mini Robots and Robotic Toys

This might be the hardest of all the kits we received. Don’t get me wrong: this robot toy is educational and fun but I definitely wouldn’t give to anyone under eight. My teen and I put this together. There are numerous configurations and this cute little toy makes me happy. I mean successfully making it work makes me happy. These are tiny pieces to negotiate.

SmartLab Toys Tiny Robots

The Tiny Robot is an exciting intro to mini machines and robotics. A mini robotics kit with everything kids need to design and build miniature working machines from an assortment of real mechanical parts; travels easily for hours of play. 

Learn basic ​mechanical engineering–how to assemble robots, what makes them work; same content taught in beginning robotics STEM clubs. Includes 26 pieces and batteries.

There are also Tiny Baking and Tiny Science kits. It’s the tiny part that I find adorable. Also, you can’t deny that robotics is a field everyone should be giving serious thought to right now.

Ages:​ 8+Price: ​$27.99

Availability: ​Independent Stores

Grow Your Own Crystals 

Okay, I knew this amazing National Geographic Stem and Steam Toys Kit would appeal to everyone here and I was not wrong. Even my older daughter who starts university soon was interested.

Crystals are having their day! 

National Geographic Glow In Dark Crystal Green

Grow amazing glowing crystals in your own home with the National Geographic’s Glow-in-the-Dark Crystal Growing Kit! With a learning guide packed full of interesting crystal facts and a real fluorite specimen included, you get the most comprehensive crystal growing kit on the market!

Includes:- Growing powder- Seed rock- Stir stick- Real fluorite crystal- National Geographic’s learning guide with instructions

Ages:​ 8+Price: ​$16.99

Availability: ​Mastermind, Indigo, Staples, Walmart, Toys R Us, independent 
You grow this one for seven to 10 days, so that’s great value. 

You might consider any of the other Crystal kits too. 

Dig up a Fossil

My youngest is all about dinosaurs and sharks, so on movie night one evening recently I gave her this kit. She hates sitting still to watch or learn and she fidgets a lot so doing something while watching TV or movies works for her. So, she uncovered the dinosaur fossils while we all watched something on Disney +. I’m sure it was a Marvel movie, but who knows anymore.

National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit

Spark your child’s love of history and science, and teach them all about dinosaurs with National Geographic’s Dinosaur Dig Kit, an exciting hands-on experience to discover 3 real dinosaur fossils! 

Dig up a dinosaur bone, mosasaur tooth, and dinosaur poop for your rock collection.

Includes: One digging brick containing 3 ancient fossils (dino bone, mosasaur tooth, dino poop). Archeological digging tools.- Full-colour learning guide and a small magnifying glass. Most of these Steam toys come with a small magnifying glass. Several of these kits also include an educational booklet. (That part appeals to me.)

Ages:​ 8+Price: ​$16.99

Availability: ​Mastermind, Indigo, Staples, Walmart, Toys R Us Independent Stores and Amazon of course.

Stem and Steam Toys to Give

These Stem and Steam toys are a hit here and I highly recommend any of the above. If you have a dinosaur lover then the dig up a dino fossil kit will have them captivated for a few hours. Science loving crystal kind of student? Get the National Geographic Grow Your Own Crystals Kits.

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