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Kiss Best Affordable Nail Products and a Giveaway

best affordable nail products

Every so often my kids and I like to just call a girl’s day or girl’s night and do something fun together. This past week we had a great girl’s day planned. I booked it months ago. We planned to take a day and drive to Stratford, Ontario to see The Diary of Anne Frank. It was the first ever Schuck girl’s day at Stratford. So we dressed up a bit, took the day off school, and the afternoon off work, and we were almost ready to hit the road. The kids decided fancy nails were in order. So we pulled out our Kiss Broadway nails. I had a package of numerous samples sent about a month ago. I have been saving some for my oldest daughter because it’s her graduation year.


Ainsley and I both loved the shade of Impress Press-on manicure nails that we were sent in a light pink with grey undertones. So we both put them on. One package was plenty for both of us. I have some left over too from that package. Impress Press-on nails are some of the most flexible nails that Kiss and Broadway Nails have. They attached easily and felt completely natural within about 30 minutes. I was a bit concerned that my nails would break off on the drive down to Stratford, or snap off in my purse. They did not. They adhered very well. This batch is softer than some of the other brands of press on nails and this brand is extremely affordable. So Broadway Nails press on nails don’t break the bank if your kids want to give them a whirl just for fun. They are each about $10. We got two applications from one set.

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The Diary of Anne Frank at Stratford was extremely powerful and well done. I was captivated by the stage which was functional and sparse in a really clever way. The beds pulled out of a wall of wooden slats and a staircase also pulled out of the wall. The wooden slats provided a kind of window behind the wall so that minor scenes could occur off stage in form of conversation and song and you could feel that you were almost eavesdropping. The actress playing Anne Frank was remarkable and she really looked the part. Pieces of the stage that protruded and moved also could be pushed back into the frame so that the wooden slats would then look like a wall. The attic seemed very realistic in large part due to the staging. My one daughter acts with a local theatre troupe so staging impresses me.

ImPress Nails also impressed me. See the picture above for how natural they look. They very much resembled a gel or shellac manicure. These Impress Broadway Nails indicate they can last up to a week. I got four days out of mine. In fairness, I could have maintained them longer if I just replaced the one that fell off. But they were getting softer and as the days wore on they began to get a bit bendy at the ends. Not sure if I could get a full week out of that particular style, which was short length. Four days out of press on nails seemed pretty good to me. My daughter Ainsley really just wanted them for the day and that was okay with me. She’s too athletic to use them all the time. Plus they really don’t approve of long nails at martial arts. So this was really just an experiment for her.

Kiss French Nails
Kiss French Nails

Payton opted to wear the French manicure by Kiss. These are the ones I was most excited to get hold of. You know how French manicures don’t work if they don’t line up with your natural nail? Well, these worked wonderfully and they looked great. Payton seemed to enjoy them. We are keeping some aside for graduation dances and end of year parties. We also have some birthdays coming up. They might be fun for the girls to wear then.

Just like you, we are often running and short on time, which makes it hard to find time for beauty. KISS and Broadway Nails are a quick solution that gives you beautiful salon-perfect nails in less than 10 minutes and will cost you under $10!
For the ultimate quickie manicure, imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails is your answer.  With no dry time and no mess, just peel off and press on and be out the door in minutes.  imPRESS lasts up to one week with no damage removal, plus washing yours and your children’s hands constantly will not cause any polish fading.  Available in 40 colors and patterns! If you want to add some fun to your manicure, the NEW imPRESS Accent Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails includes accent nails that can be worn on any finger to create your own unique DIY look.
As the play ended the girls wanted to hit a super fun Stratford Family operated toy store. Then it was on to a book store and we contemplated walking around, but headed back to the van because we were getting hungry. Plus Payton’s ankle was hurting from walking and also I needed to race home and check on a few business matters.

We were walking back to the van to go home when Ainsley did a double take near the chip wagon and said: “I think that’s the guy from Some Assembly Required.” Payton and I were skeptical. Ainsley often spots people she thinks are people she knows BUT it rarely is who she thinks it is. But this time she insisted, and raced back to say hello. She was having a fan girl moment. Three seconds later she came whipping back to say: “Mom, where is your phone? Can you take our picture? It’s him.” Sure enough it was and she was right. Kolton Stewart of Some Assembly Required was getting something to eat at a Stratford chip wagon. His show is one of the cuter ones on YTV. It’s one I can tolerate and enjoy too. Kolton was super sweet and posed for a few pictures, then thanked us for watching the show and told us he used to act at the Stratford Festival. Apparently he lives in Ontario. This is classic Ainsley. It’s the kind of thing that only happens to her. Her nails (and mine too) looked good for the play and they looked good for the celebrity sighting too!!


Broadway Nails is generous! Together we are gifting one of you a gift package of four different styles of Press on nails. (value – about $50) You can win 2 Impress Nail manicure packages and 2 Kiss Salon Acrylic French manicures. French manicures are super cute and easy to apply. Follow the instructions in the giveaway widget below. This one is open to Canada and the US.

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