2015 Fashion Trends for Prom Dresses

Sleek is just one of the trends that you will see making the grade this year for graduation dresses

2015 Fashion Trends for Prom and Graduation Dresses

Prom season is here, and it’s time to get those dresses! Chances are you’ve already started looking for a prom dress, but if you haven’t let’s take a look at the 2015 fashion trends for prom dresses. Hopefully this might help guide some of your shopping process.

2015 Fashion Trends – Sleek, Sassy, and Surreal

This year, sequins are either out completely, or used for just a splash of sass. Gone are the days of heavily sequinned and beaded sparkle gowns. Instead, the 2015 fashion trends of the prom world are sleek, sassy, and surreal.


One of the three main themes of the 2015 fashion trends for prom dresses is the sleek look. This is a pared down look that focuses more on fabric and cut than crazy beading, sequins, or elaborate design. I’m seeing strapless, empire waist gowns everywhere I look, and the classic one shoulder design is also heavily featured.


If your daughter has a sassy side, (Like both of mine do) there is no shortage of on-trend prom selections to be found in the 2015 fashion trends I’ve seen. While traditional prom gowns and dresses are full-length, this year, I’m seeing a lot of short dresses and skirts. Mid-thigh seems to be the preferred link, and these dresses are super sassy. They range from strapless to one shoulder to classic necklines and they either feature a classic skirt or rouched varieties.


2015 fashion trends for prom dresses are also heavily featuring the surreal, fairy tale look. Don’t misunderstand that, though. These dresses are still very light on the beading and sequins. Instead, these lovely full-length gowns rely heavily on their empire waists, sweetheart necklines, rouched styling, and lots of chiffon and silky fabrics to give a fairy tale feel that looks wonderful. Perhaps some of that inspiration came out of the Cinderella movie hit this year.

2015 Fashion Trends are Wonderfully Beautiful

I really love the 2015 fashion trends I’m seeing in prom dresses. I’ve never been a fan of heavy beading and sequins. I’m also not a fan of dresses for teenagers that are obviously too low cut, or ugh cut, or skimpy. The 2015 fashion trends I’ve seen are the perfect combination of cute and sassy. They are all wonderfully cut and designed without being to risque, and that’s an important feature to me because frankly it’s me that will be buying a dress for my daughter.

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