LG QuadWash Steam Dishwasher is my New Favourite Appliance

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The new LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher has a lot going for it. When the LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher arrived I was excited to see the new features, bells and whistles incorporated into the design and function of this heavy duty kitchen appliance.

I am a technology loving girl at heart. So, when technology improves something I already use every day, and adds to the performance of an appliance, that gets my heart racing a bit faster and I have to see it in action. This month I have been putting the LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher through its paces to see what it can do. Happy to report it’s easy to use with a few truly exceptional features and my dishes have never looked cleaner.


First Impressions

Let’s face it, how an appliance looks matters. I like the design of my kitchen and want any new large or small appliances to look as if they belong. This new LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher is sleek, modern and minimalistic and it fits in well with the look and feel of our kitchen. It matches the LG fridge we bought three years ago, so that’s ideal and it makes me happy.

Use these dishwasher tabs with the steam dishwasher.


One of My Favourite Things

When we moved into this home 4 1/2 years ago we inherited an old dishwasher which eventually died. As I was researching products available I learned a lot about what’s out there and what I like or want. I loved the idea of a third rack for silverware. The third rack on the LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher is adjustable and it’s one of my favourite things about this model.


I’m thoroughly enjoying the third rack on my LG QuadWash Steam because it affords a lot of room and flexibility with our dishes. It offers an adjustable, half and half design which allows me to lower half of it to accommodate larger utensils like spatulas, scoops, big spoons, big knives, etc. Also, the grooves on the trays are angled perfectly to cradle your silverware. Even our water bottle lids fit just a little bit better in it! It’s the most functional third rack I’ve ever had.


EasyRack Plus Is Another Feature I Love!

We have huge Fiesta plates and bowls and we really like them. I mean they are gorgeous and great quality. But they never fit quite right in our old dishwasher. EasyRack Plus in the LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher means we don’t have that issue anymore. You can pretty much set the inside of the LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher up to be any configuration you need. It has folding tines for maximum flexibility on the top cup rack and the bottom plate and bowl rack too. Plus there’s on-the-fly rack height adjustment which is extremely useful.

LG QuadWash Steam Delivers Clean Dishes

Even though our last dishwasher wasn’t all that old, I was keen to see what LG QuadWash Steam could do. Basically it gets my dishes and glasses cleaner than ever before. It’s impressive actually. They sparkle. No water spots are left at all. How does it do that? Steam is released at a very high temperature to effectively sanitize dishes.


Energy Saving?

There are a few energy efficiency features I look for in new appliances. There’s an energy saver setting on the LG QuadWash Steam that I have used a few times already. Happy to note that the energy saver setting doesn’t compromise the cleanliness of the dishes.

In Ontario, energy use and electricity is rated according to time of day. So costs are cheaper at night. With the delay start function and the app that allows me to control the dishwasher from my phone, I can ensure that it only runs in the late off hours at cheaper times of the night.

Auto Cycle

The Auto cycle is a smart feature I am impressed with too. I started using normal cycle because it seemed super simple and it was, but then I read about auto, which automatically senses the load size, soil level and optimizes for the best cleaning. That is a great feature. And night dry is unique too. Set the dishwasher for night dry and the fan runs periodically to help vent steam from the tub.

The tub light is just the kind of technological advance and function I have come to expect from LG appliances. It’s a small thing, but it means you can clearly see to load or unload the dishwasher late at night.


LG QuadWash Steam Specs

If you’re like me, you enjoy seeing the specs of a device, machine, or appliance in addition to hearing about it. So with that in mind, here are a few more highlights of this amazing dishwasher.

Steam Technology

  • Reduces pre-washing
  • Addition of steam helps hit all nooks and crannies
  • Reduces water spots by 60%


  • Multi-Motion spray arms spin and rotate to hit every angle of every dish

EasyRack Plus

  • Folding tines for maximum flexibility
  • On-the-fly rack height adjustment

Smart Technology

  • Control your dishwasher from your phone. That is the kind of fantastic feature I welcome in my home and frankly wish my other kitchen appliances had similar smart technology.

So Does It Pass This final test?

Some of you know my husband, Jim. He’s the real force behind much of the cleaning here, so I was curious to see if the LG QuadWash Steam dishwasher would win him over. The truth? I was won over with the amazing third rack and the other bells and whistles like the folding tines. The technology, the tub light and even the delightful music the dishwasher plays when a cycle is finished, all are winning details.

My husband can be extremely particular with dishwashers, washers and dryers. But just a few days ago, out of the blue he said: “I’m not sure how it does it, but this dishwasher gets the dishes cleaner than any other we’ve had.”

So there you have it. Our new LG Quadwash Steam dishwasher even meets the fussy spouse test.

LG QuadWash Steam Dishwasher is Truly Awesome

I have had several dishwashers over the years, and I can say with no hesitation that this LG QuadWash Steam is the best one we’ve had. I love the connectivity, flexibility, and styling of this machine so much. Plus the features on the LG QuadWash Steam are outstanding.

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