How to Pack For a Ski Trip

It’s almost ski season and that means it’s almost time to pack for a ski trip. Packing for a ski vacation is easier with a little organization. I say easier because there’s a lot of gear and a lot to remember too. But, the best way to make sure you have everything required for your trip is to start a list of course. You won’t want to leave anything important behind because let’s be honest it’s cold out there and also expensive. YOU don’t want to get to your destination missing something vital and then have to buy it or rent it.

If you are ready to pack for a ski trip, you’ll want to make sure your packing is in some sort of order. If you are going to a popular ski resort location you might be able to rent some of the essential items you need. However, why rent if you already have all the equipment and clothing you need? We have all of our own gear now so when we travel we take it with us. I am super fond of my ski socks and my base layer and my helmet with ski resort stickers on it. Sure I could rent a different helmet, boots or skis in a pinch, but I don’t want to do that and I hate wasting money.


How to Pack for a Ski Trip

Ski Clothes

You will want to be sure you have all the right ski clothing for your vacation. If possible, pack your clothes in the order you will be wearing them. Long thermal under garments first, then a middle later, turtle neck or sweater, and then the top layer. A top layer will consist of a fleece jacket, ski jacket, and ski pants. How much you pack will depend on how long your vacation is going to last. For a week, about two or three middle layers should be plenty, a couple of super warm Columbia fleece sweaters or turtle necks, and obviously one to two sets of base layer clothing. Your regular under garments of course are at your discretion, but lets remember you sweat when skiing even though it is cold out.


Pack at least two or three pairs of thermal ski socks, two pairs of gloves OR mitts (mitts will keep your hands warmer), a hat and helmet. A neck gaiter is always handy for keeping your neck warm, but you might not need one if you have a balaclava. We travel with and use balaclavas. Don’t forget your goggles. Other accessories include hand warmers, sunscreen, and a water bottle of course.



You should have a ski bag to pack your skis and poles in so that they have a safe trip if you are flying. There are also skiing backpacks big enough to hold your ski boots and other equipment. It will depend on what type of skiing you are doing what equipment you will need. Ski bindings are obviously already attached to your skis. Here are a few ski boot bags we like: Boot bag.


What on earth would elastics be for exactly? Many ski bags hold two pairs of skis and related equipment. We use heavy duty elastics to bind the skis gently together so they don’t flop around too much or bang against each other when being transported. This simple trick keeps our skis from getting damaged or scuffed badly during transportation.

Collapsible Water Bottles

Small collapsible water bottles travel well. They might not hold as much water as the huge ones you take to your gym, but you can fill and refill these easily, then clean, pack and stow. Some have carabiner clips on them that make them great for hiking too.

Protein Bars

I actually don’t take any trips without my favourite gluten free Luna lemon zest protein bars handy. You never want to be stuck and starving and frankly I’m often in countries or airports where there’s no food. Very little is worse than dragging your tired body with luggage trailing behind you through an airport and onto a flight with a tight connection and barely making it on the plane then realizing you won’t be fed either. These days I assume I will not be fed on a plane. Better to be prepared instead of hangry the whole flight. Luna bars tide me over without bloat or excess sugar. My husband prefers Clif Bars variety pack and teens aren’t fussy they will eat either.


A Few Other Items

Even though you are going on a skiing vacation you will still need to pack regular clothes for when you are not skiing. Be sure to label all of your luggage and bags with your name, phone number, and address. If there is any important paperwork you need don’t forget that either. For example, pre-paid lift tickets, lessons, flight tickets, passports if needed, and hotel accommodation information. You may also find it useful to pack a map of your destination if you aren’t familiar with the area. Carry all the important and valuable items like money, medication and tickets with you at all times.

If you already have been on a few ski trips then you probably already know what works for you. Maybe you find something new here anyways. But, if you have not yet taken a ski vacation and you are ready to hit the slopes this will help.

That First Ski Trip With Gear Doesn’t Have to Be Chaos

Mastering how to pack for a ski trip gets easier with practice and with the right gear and equipment bags. It’s a practice makes perfect kind of deal. First write down all you are going to need. Look through your list and check off everything as you pack each item. There is more involved with packing for a ski vacation than a lot of other trips because you need to take a lot of equipment and clothing and you probably need to buy extra bags for skis or snowboarding gear.


And if you do still forget?

Have fun on your trip, and if you do happen to forget something, it’s not the end of the world most skiing destinations have rental areas and shops. They want to take your money. But, having a plan and referring to this post will help you avoid any missing items and keep you on the slopes instead of in the stores.

Here are a few places you can go now and have a great family or couples ski vacation.


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Blue Mountain, Collingwood. Stay at the Westin Trillium House.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Le Westin Resort and Spa Tremblant. I also loved Ermitage Du Lac which is perfect for families.

Smugglers’ Notch, Jeffersonville, Vermont (One of our favourites and also extremely family friendly)

Trapp Family Lodge 25 kms from Smugglers’ Notch

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