Creative and Fun Sick Day Scavenger Hunt

Well, here we sit in the middle of cold and flu season during a pandemic. Why not download this Sick Day Scavenger Hunt and keep it for those days when you need a little something low key to do at home.

Colds Happen. Be Prepared

That’s pretty much my Motto. This time of year you can try to avoid all of the germs and you definitely should. But, also be prepared. Kids get sick. Period. They are germ magnets.

While I hope nobody I know gets anything more than a cold this year, I am sure there are a few of you home right now nursing sick little ones who are also unable to attend school until their symptoms clear up, and/ or they get a Covid test.

Sick Days Are Inevitable

I feel your pain. Whether you are a parent nursing littles at home during sickness, or a single adult struggling to get well on your own, being sick is crappy. There’s nothing nice about feeling under the weather. Frankly, I have also found that being genuinely ill always made me miss my mother and appreciate all of the things that she once did for us when we were under the weather.

Grandma’s House

When I was small I often went to my grandma’s house to recuperate if I couldn’t go to school. My Mom was a single parent and a school teacher so she couldn’t take days off just to look after a kid with a cold. So, I spent many afternoons at my Grandma’s home in Guelph.

Other Printable Word Games

If you are a parent who brings in grandmas or grandpas to help right now when kids are sick, then check out all of the printable activities I have here on Pinterest. Don’t Miss the Winter Word Search too.

A certain amount of sickness and sick days are just expected this time of year. Pretty much standard especially if you have kids in school or daycare.

In MY Home…

Every year in my home we end up with a cold or flu that makes the rounds. Flu shots are not negotiable. We will also all be ready to get Coronavirus vaccines as soon as humanly possible. Fingers crossed that is soon.

Making blanket forts in the living room, chilling and reading in bed, or watching Netflix shows together while recuperating are all great ways to have a low key recovery while spending some time together.

But, what about a sick day scavenger hunt?

If you are kind of in that in between zone worried about going back to school or work too soon while also getting bored out of your mind, then it could be time to bring in reinforcements. At my house, reinforcements come in the form of easy and fun printable activities like this Sick Day Scavenger Hunt.

This Sick Day Scavenger Hunt is a great way to spend an afternoon when you are too ill to be out in public. Please remember to follow the rules for your city/ province and state if you are out and about.

How to Use This!

Click the link below and it will allow you to download this fun scavenger hunt.

Want More Ideas?

Try this adorable Family Card Game that has a Scavenger Hunt Focus.

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