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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bottle time? All parents know that time slips by far too fast. You can’t stop time, so how do you slow it or capture it?

The obvious answer is photos of course. But, for the most part our photos live on our phones. Sometimes, lately, I have a near panic thinking what if everything crashed and all my digital photos vanished.


FUJIFILM Printlife created by FUJIFILM focuses squarely on inspiration, education, and awareness of the importance of printing digital photos. I’m a fan of FUJIFILM Printlife because I think printing photos is important too and also sharing them on canvases, or personalized gifts, even Christmas ornaments helps us too cherish our most valuable memories.

Some of you are aware that I have a gallery wall in my basement family room. The purpose of the wall is to highlight our travels together. It makes me happy to look over and remember the time we skied Bromley in Vermont, or Sugarbush. But this time around I wanted to share some summer memories with my kids.

Why I love FUJIFILM Printlife

If you’re my age, you probably remember poring over photo albums with your parents and grandparents. In fact, I still have many photo albums kicking around the house. I have a box filled with photos my Mom kept as well. So many moments printed off and captured. For years, that’s how we connected with our past and our most cherished memories. Those albums were always there, just waiting for us to open them up and peer into our history.

Then digital came along. Don’t get me wrong, I love digital. I mean, I really love it. I never have to have the film developed. I never need to worry about what kind of shots I got, waiting impatiently until the prints come back. With digital, I have complete, real-time control over all my photos.

The one major drawback to digital for me is how easy it is to just forget about those shots after I’ve looked at them one time. With cameras that have 128 gigs of internal storage, the ability to augment that further with microSD card, and external hard drives attached to our computers that can hold more pictures than any human can take in a lifetime, it’s easy for digital shots to get lost. That’s why I’m a fan of the message that FUJIFILM Printlife is bringing to us all, which is the importance of bringing back that personal connection to our photography.

I’m a Part of FUJIFILM Printlife

FUJIFILM Printlife is a part of the wide array of FUJIFILM services, and it’s how I’m making sure I’m a part of both the Printlife movement and the preservation of my family’s most cherished moments.

Ainsley and her camp sister/ friend. This shot is super special to her.

Their Printlife service offers all kinds of ways to help you turn your digital photos into memorable physical pieces. You can choose options like:

Using the FUJIFILM Printlife service, I captured three incredibly important family memories – a shot of my daughter, Ainsley, and her close friend at camp, our amazing ski vacation we took this past March, and a shot of Payton with her squad at her high-school prom.

Remembering a Squad

For Ainsley and Payton, I simply uploaded my photos to the FUJIFILM site and ordered two wonderful canvas prints. They go perfectly with my daughter’s rooms. Payton’s squad has gone different ways now, some opting to stay for another year of high school. Two left for university and one has switched to an art program. So, the canvas of her group of peers and friends hits the perfect mark. She was thrilled to open it and hang it in her room.

Camp Memories

Ainsley waits for camp all year long, and she has a few super close friends that are like sister of the heart, whom she sees only during that special two weeks in August at camp. Otherwise it’s FaceTime for her and her friends.

This year, when we dropped her off, I made sure to take a photo of her with one of her closest friends there. She’s thrilled to be able to look at this memory all year long.

These are both special prints for my girls. Ainsley’s fits in perfectly with her recently-painted room. Payton is all about her friends. They were joined at the hip last year and the year before that, so having a print of her and her pals will be extra special for her, as well.


Christmas Ornaments

Finally, my husband and I will have a Christmas keepsake commemorating one of the best family trips we’ve ever had. I uploaded our ski trip shot and made it into a lovely Christmas ornament which will go on the tree every year. That makes me happy. I can’t wait to hang it on the tree and frankly think these make the best gifts ever for Christmas. For those of you who are all about giving experiences instead of presents – this combines a bit of both in my opinion.

How Will You Printlife?

I hope you’ll join me in printing your life instead of just storing it on a hard drive. You know what sparks joy for me? Photos of our memories and happy moments we have shared.

FUJIFILM Printlife is an excellent way to capture time and slow it down a little. Head over to their website and see how FUJIFILM Printlife can help you capture family memories in a unique and personal way.

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