Mont-Tremblant National Park – The Beauty of the Laurentians

Quebec may be one of my favourite places on earth. It’s naturally splendid, resource rich, and always makes for a memorable trip. Plus, it’s no secret I love to be close to the mountains. Mont-Tremblant National Park, Parc National Du Mont-Tremblant, is a spot I had not seen until this past year. With its many rivers and magnificent Laurentian Mountains Mont-Tremblant National Park has something to engage every member of your family.


On a press trip last summer I had the chance to visit the Laurentians and Mont-Tremblant National Park. This breathtaking park offers the full beauty of The Laurentians on display for all to enjoy. From hiking, biking and canoeing to cross country skiing, there’s so much that is appealing for nature lovers, couples and families here.

Located in Grenville province, and covering over 1,510 square kilometres, Mont-Tremblant National Park is the oldest provincial park in Quebec, and also the second largest. Mont-Tremblant National Park is divided into three main areas – the Diable River valleys, Pimbina Creek, and Assoption River.

In the summer, I had the opportunity to explore the Diable river (Riviere du Diable ) area of the park. Quebec always knock my socks off in any season. The parks of Quebec are great for affordable family vacations. Whether skiing or canoeing, I enjoy the natural beauty of this province, and it is well within driving distance for us in Ontario.



For nature lovers, families and campers, Mont Tremblant National Park, is an adventure waiting to happen. It is a canoe lover’s paradise. In winter, you can cross country ski and fatbike. And there’s so much to do there in the spring and summer months too. Start at the Discovery Centre and you can visit for a day or camp for a week. It’s up to you. Day rates are less than $10.00. More fees detailed here in this Tremblant Sepaq guide.


The Best of Mont Tremblant National Park

As part of a media trip, I took part in several outdoor activities that highlighted the beauty of the Laurentians. When we visited the area we stayed at Mont Tremblant ski resort and took a bus to various activities and attractions. Although I was there in July, all of these activities can be enjoyed in spring, summer, or early fall. Winter has its own reasons to visit.


Water lovers will enjoy canoeing on the calm waters of the Diable River. Its sinuous twists and turns make for a relaxing 2 hour trip down the water while enjoying the flora and fauna of the area. As a major source of water in the area, the river attracts all sorts of wildlife, which you might get to see as you paddle along. It’s a perfect introduction to canoeing for beginners. Sounds quintessentially Canadian I know, but canoeing in Quebec is magical. The River Diable is calm and the mountain views are spectacular.

Along the two hour canoe trip we took down Riviere du Diable there were pitstops, small beach areas you can stop at and enjoy a peaceful picnic. Or maybe you press pause to snap some pictures. Look up. The mountains are waiting for you and the Laurentians are a Canadian treasure.


The Sepaq web site details many different types of canoe outings you can do at different times of the day.


Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Mont Tremblant National Park, and it was easy to see why. Experiencing the wilderness of the Laurentian Mountains from the vast network of trails in the area is one of the best ways to take in all the majesty of the park. The trails feature short jaunts for beginners or long trails taking advanced hikers deep into the park. Warning you now – the bugs are hungry always – use spray and cover your exposed skin. Even my scalp and neck were bitten. And, I swear they bit me right through my long sleeved sun shirt. USE the good bug spray.


Via Ferrata du Diable

Speaking of hiking, advanced hikers looking for a real challenge should check out Via Ferrata du Diable. Featuring a 200 metre ascent and a challenging trek across the face of the Vache Noire cliff, this hike is an adventure not to be forgotten. It’s so challenging that hikers are clipped into a steel cable that runs the length of the hike as they cross the face using built-in steps, handles, beams, and various bridges. We did not have time to do this while visiting. BUT, this is one adventure you need to put on your bucket list immediately.

Note the current information states you must be a minimum 4 foot 3 inches in order to do this activity.



Biking Mount Tremblant National Park is almost as popular as hiking. Get your heart rate up and your excitement too – by pedaling down the trail and looking for all manner of creatures and enjoying the trees and other formations of the park. Just like the hiking trails, you can choose a short ride or a longer ride if you’re experienced. Good for all ages really.

Camping, Glamping or Staying in a Yurt

There are many opportunities to stay in the park itself and experience it up close and personal in summer and fall months. Highly recommend it. In fact, I am considering making this happen with family this year. New to camping? No problem. Try Etoiles Ready to camp structures. If you are familiar with yurts at all then you can probably picture the Etoiles. It’s a cross between a yurt, tent and cabin. My camping style exactly.

Meanwhile if you are an adventure lover, drive over to Mont Tremblant and do the Ziptrek Tour. You could easily stay in the national park and explore all this area has to offer. Need a spa day after all of the camping? Visit Scandinave Spa.

Ziptrek Tours

In the summer and part of the fall, Ziptrek Tours operates out of Mont-Tremblant ski resort. This 3-hour, guide-accompanied tour features an ascent of Mont Tremblant on a panoramic gondola, three forest walks, and informative presentations on the history of the region and its ecology. I lucked out and did Ziptrek on my last birthday.


Mont-Tremblant National Park – Explore the Unmatched Beauty of The Laurentians

If you get the opportunity to experience the unbelievable beauty of Mont Tremblant National Park in The Laurentians take it. Better yet plan to make it happen this year. If you’re planning an outdoorsy getaway, Mont Tremblant National Park is well worth a trip.

I was a guest of Mont Tremblant and the Outaouais Region last summer. I received flights, accommodations and meals while there. My opinion is all my own. This post contains an affiliate link as a service to readers. If you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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  • Sandy

    It looks so, so, so beautiful at Mont Tremblant. I have never been but have a friend who keeps telling me how wonderful it is. She goes back every year. Love your photos. That Ziptrek tour sounds so fun! Thanks for all the info!

    • Paula

      Thank you for reading Sandi Allen! It was a wonderful trip there. The zip trek was amazing. I’d love to do it again with my kids next time. So much fun. I really want to do the Etoiles I think maybe this summer.

  • Aeryn Lynne

    Oh wow, how gorgeous!! I would love to go hike and kayak around Mont-Tremblant! That panoramic gondola ride sounds all kinds of awesome. I can only imagine the view from the summit. Jay and I will be in the area in May, so will have to see if we can spend one of our days there if the weather is right! *crossing fingers*

    Thanks for the heads up, and pretty pics! <3

    • Paula

      It is stunning Aeryn. One day you need to visit for sure. Plus if you love the outdoor sports then this would be perfect.