Fun, New, Educational Reads for Kids

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Educational reads are vital to start and keep a love of learning in kids. Back to school is on everyone’s minds, so the time is right to nurture curiosity and spark interests in many topics outside school too. Remember, the kids will have plenty of textbooks at school. They will want some enjoyable alternatives at home.


That’s why I look for educational reads that are fun when I buy books. Also, honestly it’s never too soon to start planning for holiday gifts either.

I recently got three books from DK Canada that make education fun. These books are full of wonderful, educational information, all of which is delivered in a way that keeps kids interested. As always, I got enough copies to give to my kids and to my niece and nephew who really love reading and learning.


Educational Reads That Excite Kids

I’m very lucky. Over the years, my kids and my niece and nephew have been very receptive to the educational reads I’ve gotten them as gifts. They always devour the information in these books, and those same books always end up getting the kids thinking in new ways. It’s the perfect example of how reading can be educational and fun. The three books I picked out this time fit that bill perfectly.

One Million Things

One Million Things is a children’s encyclopedia overflowing with all kinds of information on everything from mammals to astronauts, and it’s all done in an approachable way that keeps kids excited about learning more.

With its unique visual approach, One Million Things! shows you a range of topics but presents them with a twist. Mingle with a bunch of snakes… on a ladder! Meet your mammal relatives in a photo album, or peek into a drawer full of prosthetic eyes to discover the science of genetics. An ice sculpture reveals the science behind states of matter, architectural marvels are displayed on a house of cards, and the story of space exploration is told through an astronaut’s stamp collection.

History Year by Year

History Year by Year takes kids on a journey through the history of our planet, from the prehistoric era through modern day.

In History Year by Year, the historic timeline reaches to the present day, documenting recent events, including the Syrian War and the continuing exploration of space by the Juno and New Horizons probes. This unique book joins the dots of history together by putting historic events across the world on one timeline, from prehistoric people, key civilizations (Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, and Incas), world exploration, the Industrial Revolution, the American Civil War, the world wars, and walking on the Moon to the state of the world in the present day.

Help Your Kids with Computer Coding

Help Your Kids with Computer Coding is probably one of my favorite books of the three I chose. With technology moving forward so fast, this is a skill that most kids will need in one form or another, and this book helps give them the edge while making it incredibly fun.

Kids can take their first steps toward becoming expert computer programmers with this fully updated guide to coding for beginners.

They’ll master Scratch 3.0, the brand-new version of the world’s most popular coding language for beginners. This will let them discover what makes a computer work while learning how to build their own computer programs and games.

Once they’re Scratch experts, it’s onto the more complex Python programming language to delve even deeper into the technology that surrounds us every day. Computer Coding for Kids uses a simple, visual layout to guide budding programmers step by step through the ins and outs of computer code, from algorithms to variables, even showing them how to find and fix bugs in their code. Before you know it, they’ll be creating their own programs from scratch. 

It doesn’t stop there, though. If Scratch and Python have got them hooked, there’s a peek at binary and JavaScript to show them where their coding career could be heading next. This book also lifts the lid on computers and shows young readers the chips and processors that make technology come to life. Fully illustrated with funny and informative graphics, Computer Coding for Kids makes even the most difficult aspects of coding fun and easy to understand.

Educational Reads that Inspire

The educational reads I chose this time around from DK Canada are sure to be hits with my kids and my niece and nephew. With so much information presented in such a fun and interesting way, I have every confidence that these books will be well read.

I think these educational reads will be hits with your kids. Follow the links above to grab your own copies of these books, or find even more great educational reads on the website.

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