McHappy Day and a Mother’s Prayer

McHappy Day Wednesday, May 2nd is McHappy Day. Tomorrow thousands of people will head to McDonald’s and pay the Golden Arches a visit. Because I am a Mom who loves to suppport great things that support children and families, I will get my food there too. Tomorrow our local McDonalds will have some local dignitaries and maybe even a character or two. Grimmace, maybe Ronald himself. I will take my kids and sit a moment. Not a drive through kind of day. A day to take a moment to sit down and cherish your children, give them a small breather from the routines of the week and remember they are healthy. Remember that you are together. Tommorrow a portion of the funding received from each and every Happy Meal, McCafe, or Big Mac goes to support Ronald McDonald House, a home away from home for families whose children are hospitalized with serious and life threatening illness. Since 2004 McDonald’s Canada has raised more than $36 million for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC Canada) by donating 10 cents from every happy meal. I have known many of these children and their brave families. I have long been amazed at the resiliency of children who have cancer, some close to us and some I only knew from their stories. Sometimes I was the one writing those stories marvelling at the strength of parents cast adrift in horrible health care nightmares. I had little glimpses into their lives as the reporter covering their stories. Always I was blown away by the supportive attitudes of staff and personnel involved in helping provide a home away from home for the Moms and Dads. I have never ever had to use Ronald McDonald House. My kids have had the routine children’s illnesses. Broken arms, ear infections, surgeries. One was quite sick at birth, and spent a hard few weeks in hospital before she was placed in our home to be fostered and eventually adopted. She has had her daily challenges with special needs and ups and downs related to her disability. But in truth none of that compares to the challenges and hardships faced by families who have to use Ronald McDonald House. Knowing that all children are a gift, all children are full of potential and ripe with possibility for the future, it is the saddest thing imaginable to see a child suffer. Tonight while my children are young and healthy and close enough for me to reach out and hold whenever I feel the urge, I will offer up a silent prayer of thanks that I have never been a parent who has to stay at Ronald McDonald House. And another for all those families calling London’s Ronald McDonald House home right now. Please take a minute to buy your coffee or Happy Meal at McDonald’s Canada today. Today McDonald’s will donate $1.00 for every Happy Meal, McCafe or Big Mac purchase. The funds will be used to suppoort organizations that help families such as Ronald McDonald House. I am participating in the McHappy Day blogger program with Shes Connected and McDonald’s Canada. I was compensated $25 for my post which was donated right back to Ronald McDonald House.

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