Social Media Superstars: Who Won My Third Ever Award

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Alright, alright! I know what you are thinking. Well it’s been awhile since I dusted this award off and you are right too long perhaps. But I have been busy scouring the nation for social media superstars. 
Not really, but I had you for a minute there, didn’t I?
Anyways the first ever Social Media Superstars Award went to my amazing bank TD Canada Trust several months ago and the many reasons for that are here in my first social media superstars award post.
But this week, this award specifically for rock stars of social media, is for – drumroll please!!—-
Purdy’s Chocolate.

Oh yes, they are amazing it’s true. And not just because I really love that chocolate. I loved them wholeheartedly before this week, but then all of a sudden they pulled a trifecta of brilliant social media moves and I was flat on my butt thinking where did that come from?
The other night, they crashed our Linked Moms chat (every Wednesday at 8 pm EST) and that blew my mind. But before that they endeared themselves to me by sponsoring the fab and funny Wanda’s amazing book club chats over at Yummy Mummy Club. Wanda is her own kind of social media superstar. Follow her here For one book in particular they sent us the most divine chocolates ever, because reading and chocolate go hand in hand. But I digress.
My award is always based on these criteria:
Social Media Use and 
Responsivity: A. Spend any time on twitter at all and you will bump into Purdy’s delicious looking avatar. I met these folks for the first time at She’s Connected last year and they were yummy and I had already been privy to the buzz around them. But that was PR not social media. So shortly after that I saw them appearing with increasing frequency and then they sponsored one of Wanda’s chats.
Incredibly they sent everyone chocolates that chat round. They started engaging a lot on twitter. They were conversing well back and forth at all hours of the day and they were animated and polite. We tweeted jokingly often that we wanted them to come to London.
Well, hello!! Around Labor Day they set up camp in White Oaks Mall!!! Giddy up.
Creativity: B +: They are all over the place these days. On line, on social media and on TV. I love their willingness to embrace all media with enthusiasm. 
Social Media USE: A: They are relevant, timely and using all social media platforms well. Their personality and originality shines through often in their transactions. They have been promising stay tuned soon every time Margarita @downshiftingPOS or I @inkscrblr joked on line when were they coming to London. Then they were here and really I couldn’t find their store this week at the mall while I was out shopping for running shoes. All of a sudden I spied it in its perfect purple spleandour near the food court and I checked in on Foursquare. Then my phone promptly ran out of battery. Dead. It is of course an iPhone. 
I bought some yumminess (yes, that is a word) and Georgia Browns and left to charge my phone in the car and then spied this: Check In special on Foursquare that was unlocked when I checked in. Free Georgia Browns if you bought $15 worth of chocolate caramel pumpkins and other seasonal items and another special Free Hedgehogs when you spend $15 or more on any chocolates. I am the biggest sucker for Foursquare specials. I think they are very underused and should be standard for every company out there. Kudos to Purdy’s. I can’t understand why more companies fail to use Foursquare. It’s so simple.
Personality: A Classy without being snooty. They joke often on line and seem engaged and humorous. Huge points there. They don’t take themselves too seriously and they work it well. I hear, though I have yet to see the episode, that they were on Undercover Bosses and that singing show too. I hadn’t even heard of their chocolate up until one year ago. 
That’s amazing growth and exposure.
I love these guys and gals. Great product and they are making it personal and relevant on social media too. 
Purdy’s Chocolate here is the third ever Social Media Superstars Award via thriftymommastips. Keep doing what you are doing! Hats off to You! 

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.