Adoption and Family

Monday Mingle: Pictures of Adoption

Hello and Happy Monday all. So here we are again with a Monday Mingle and don’t forget to head on over to Eighty MPH Mom to visit Jennifer and the other Minglers. Don’t know how this one led me to an adoption vlog today, but there it is – maybe it is September. For my kids and for me September is a back to school transition month and for those who are adopted it can easily also be a trigger for memories – good, bad and otherwise. I think this vlog in some ways illustrates that.

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  • Debbie

    Wow. You have great pictures, and all of them have special meaning and you know all the stories behind them…that is awesome. I too LOVE the Brady house. It was so groovy! (except for that sharing the one bathroom thing) and what a bitter sweet day Sept 11 turned out to be for you. I bet you held your daughter longer that day…I know I did 🙂

  • RobynsOnlineWorld

    I know you said your kids were adopted, but honestly on that first picture you showed of your oldest daughter I thought she looked so much like you!

    I love that Brady house too – that huge living room/dining room area was great.

  • Anonymous

    hello every one – hope yous had a good christmas – just back from tenerefe weather crap , all the best for new year –