Snow in September – mini review

Well the last day of summer is upon us and le premiere jour de-l’automne is here, so naturally my kids are making snow. Say what? Well Mama found this fun product several months ago and kept it for a rainy or sunny afternoon as needed. Supersnow is a powder product by a company from Cleveland, Ohio. The snow is non toxic and recommended for aged four an up. Add water to the powder and stir. Instructions indicate that warm water makes it fluff up even faster. See picture here. My daughter, nine, who is clearly headed for a life as either a teacher or an occupational therapist just yelled to me “this is a super sensory activity for Ainsley, Mom.” I would have to agree. More fun than play dough and my package claims you can reuse it for upto six weeks. Either seal it in a tupperware container and reuse as needed or let it dry out and start over with more water when it does. Right now the Barbies, Bratz and Moxie girls are skating and skiing in the snowy dining room. I think this package cost me less than $5. It is a fun novelty product and it gets $$$$$ out of $$$$$. Can anyone say snowball fight?

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