BLISSED OUT at Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

At the end of the day I linger longest. Last of our group, still indulging and squeezing every last drop of solitude and quiet and peace out of the Spa experience. Today, on our final morning in Tremblant, Quebec a group of travel influencers including myself, are happily visiting Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant before we leave for Gatineau area. The spa is a calming experience after canoeing, hiking, biking and zip lining for days.

Scandinave Spa, Mont-Tremblant

It is a welcome event for me. Long overdue. This week I celebrated my birthday zip lining down Mont-Tremblant and it was epic. The schedule for today was at first just exploring the spa and experiencing the baths and the hydrotherapy. But, then massage was mentioned. After a dinner spent waffling over whether to add one on or not, I listened to fellow travel writer @FollowSummerGG who reminded me it was my job to indulge on my birthday.


So, here we are. Robes in hand, locks at the ready and bathing suits in bags ready to go. But first a few words from the director of marketing Angelique Papadopoulos. Papadopoulos reminds us all that it’s imperative to take time to relax when on vacation. And she outlines the steps and benefits of hydrotherapy. No wifi, no phones, no digital distractions.

Hydrotherapy is repetitions of Hot followed by a plunge in the cold water pools or waterfalls, or perhaps the River. Then finally a relaxing final phase. So hot, cold, relax. Repeat several times. So I do. I am intent on getting the most out of this experience.

The hot for me is a hot tub, and after the full 15 minutes I do summon up the courage to dip into the cold water plunge pool. In fact the cold part is crucial to the experience. Don’t skip any steps. The cold plunge pool is icy cold today but I manage for a very short time. In fact it wakes me up and I am alert when I make my way to the terrace to relax. A couple of people have found the hammocks in the trees and they are resting.


I have heard of Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant many times. It has a reputation in the Laurentians for being a highly sought after destination. So, when I heard this was on our agenda I was thrilled to see it and excited to see for myself if it was every bit as amazing as the buzz suggests.

First hing we notice are all the signs: NO Cell phones. Silence. No talking. What? Well, it appears that this experience will also be a digital detox of sorts for me and my companions. At first that seems challenging, because we talk and tweet, snap, and post a LOT. But very quickly it becomes blissful really. No noise, but for the nature sounds piping over the speakers and the ones in nature of course too.

There are in fact very few places I can go and find complete silence. Owning your own business means you hustle 24/7 sometimes 365 days a year. When I take my family on a yearly cruise that’s my digital detox. But even so clients and colleagues hunt me down on boats in the middle of the ocean. So knowing my phone is locked away and that silence is a rule here means I am happy to submit to that experience.

Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant
Tranquility looks like this any time of year

Hydrotherapy and massage are on the menu for me today. Now, I have mixed experiences with massage. Every single time I have ever had a massage in my city – London, Ontario – or even on a trip, it has been far too much pressure. During those prior deep tissue massages I have told the massage therapist to ease up on the pressure but even so I always leave sore for days after. So I made it clear at the outset what my prior experience was. The Swedish massage at Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant was perfect actually. Just the right pressure.

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Nestled on the shores of the Diable River, Scandinave Spa, Mont-Tremblant offers a rejuvenating and refreshing experience in natural surroundings. The spa is about 5 to 10 minutes from Mont-Tremblant. This is a great space to indulge and build health and wellness, especially after doing all that Tremblant has to offer in summer months. There’s no shortage of fun in this area regardless of the season.


Scandinave Spa is open all year round.

There are massages for couples, individuals and pregnancy massage too. The styles are: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Thai, Duo and Prenatal.

The baths are included if you have a massage. Or you can pay just to access the baths.


How Does Hydrotherapy work?

Hydrotherapy is a traditional Scandinavian treatment that dates back thousands of years. It is good for detoxifying your body and strengthening your immune system. It relies on three simple steps, repeated. Cleanse your body and mind in a cycle of hot, cold and rest. Thermal and healing properties of water are used to revitalize and restore health. Hot and cold stimuli create specific reactions in the body to relieve stress, soothe tired muscles, calm organs and improve circulation.

When you compete the hot and sweat out some of the toxins in your body, the cold plunge then closes your pores. Rest and relaxation areas are plentiful. There are hammocks and zero gravity spaces throughout and then there are also giant red chairs that look like cocoons. The outdoor fireplace was my favourite of the relaxation spaces. Relaxation cycle helps to regulate blood flow and heart rate.

We were told that there’s a saying in Quebec – After The Work, Comfort. We did the work and we definitely experienced the comfort at Spa Scandinave Mont-Tremblant.

A few more things about Spa Scandinave Mont-Tremblant:

Located at 4280 Montee Ryan, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.

For prices or to book a reservation visit the Spa site.

There are a few other Spa Scandinaves in Canada – including Blue Mountain, and Whistler as well as Montreal.

Opened in 1999.

All photos courtesy of Scandinave Spa, Mont-Tremblant. No cameras are allowed on property. I was hosted on a media tour while in this region and as such received accommodations, flights, meals and various other perks. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful.


Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Wow, what a marvellous experience. Silence IS golden it seems, well sometimes it is. Glad you enjoyed it so much. 🙂

  • Aeryn Lynne

    Oh Paula, your pictures and recount of your time there make me want to pack right now, and make my way into Quebec! 😍 Really need a spa experience like that in my life right now, lol.

    Even a simple swing on a hammock there sounds so tempting. #Want

    Love your photos of the Scandinave Spa, they’re beautiful!

  • Laura

    Oh wow! This looks like the perfect getaway and digital detox. It is so hard to fully disconnect, so locking my phone up would make the visit perfect. I haven’t been to Mont Tremblant in over 10 years, I think it is time to plan another visit and spa day!

  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I think that I’d enjoy a spa day, never been to one so I’m not too sure but this place looks heavenly and peaceful too.

  • Sandy

    What a gorgeous spa! It reminds of Spa-Nordik Nature here in the capital region, that I have visited and love. You sure had a busy trip so I have no doubt you needed a day to relax here. The area looks stunning. Love the aerial shot!