My Christmas Scrambler Answers Followup For Free Printable

Okay so this Free Printable Christmas Scrambler post is one of the most popular here all season. Several of you have asked me for the Christmas Scrambler answers and while I originally thought it was easy, I just printed it out for both of us here and my youngest daughter and I tried to do the Christmas scrambler and we struggled with two of the answers.

The Christmas Scrambler Answers Unscrambled

So, with that in mind I decided absolutely you do indeed need the answers to the Christmas scrambler puzzle, so here they are.

There are all sorts of Christmas printables and recipes here so don’t miss any of them. They are a lot of fun and my free printables are so popular! I am always thrilled to see that people are doing them.

So here is the original Christmas scrambler free printable puzzle. See above.

Here are the answers, which I am keeping separate so as not to spoil the puzzle/ word game itself.

There are 20 questions in the original printable itself. To be honest, it has been a few years since I originally posted this one, so doing it again was actually a little bit of a challenge for the two of us. I was stuck on number one for a good fifteen minutes. I thought it was weather, but it is not.

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My Christmas Scrambler Answers

  1. wreath
  2. greetings
  3. merry
  4. frosty
  5. party
  6. poinsettia
  7. celebrate
  8. season
  9. family
  10. jolly
  11. spirit
  12. mistletoe
  13. tree
  14. holiday
  15. reindeer
  16. chimney
  17. elves
  18. santa
  19. stocking
  20. sled

Thanks so much for reading always!!

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!! Here’s to wishing you a wonderful New Year as well!

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