End of Year Journal Activity Booklet

This End of Year Journal Activity booklet is pitch perfect for kids at this time of the year. It serves several purposes. An End of Year Journal can prompt kids to get writing and thinking about the past year. But, to be honest, I love it equally for the fact that a simple journaling activity can also make gratitude real.

Gratitude Exercises

Even in a year when there didn’t seem like there was much to be grateful for, something can always be found. I believe that and it’s something I am trying to convey to my kids and my readers regularly.

I wrote about gratitude way back when at the start of the pandemic. Here’s what that looked like then, for me.

Favourite Things in 2020

This easy activity can remind your kids that there are simple things to remember and treasure even during the pandemic. A favourite book, song or TV show. Maybe just a different food.

In my home, this year, one of our favourite things to do has been baking. We have definitely done a whole lot of bread making and we’ve made a lot of bread machine recipes. (Check out this glazed apple bread recipe.) Our favourite small appliance still is the bread maker.

Gather up a few supplies and print this out and give it to them to do on their own. As a child, this is the kind of thing that would have appealed to me. I loved writing and journalling and diaries too. All of the writing and reading and the language related activities were my favourite diversions.

Look how that worked out. LOL

Free Games and Printables

Remember to visit my free printables board if you need help looking for free activities for your kids to do. For a high quality print out of the life cycle content do not miss this downloadable Bee Life Cycle activity and you should be off to the races.

To Use This Activity

In Order to Access this and Download it Just Click on the link below.

What are you grateful for this year?

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