My Four Favourite Linked In Groups

Linked In is often the punchline in people’s social media jokes. But honestly if you are ignoring this platform entirely then you are missing the point. Linked In can be a powerful search engine and a very useful professional channel for connecting and sharing leads and information. Linked In Groups are one of my favourite things about Linked In.
I’m forever amazed at the business people and bloggers who are not yet capitalizing on connecting via Linked In or Linked In Groups. I have heard Linked In dubbed boring and dull, even pointless. Frankly I am not here to convince you if you don’t understand the power of networking on Linked In.
I am happy to use Linked In in addition to the rest of my social channels to expand my reach, share contacts and network. Linked In is the office and the place where my resume resides. You can view my profile here. Remember how ridiculously tedious that old school printed out resume and cover letter process used to be? I do too, which is why I am more than happy to use Linked In and Linked In Groups to build my business and connect professionally with likeminded business people. In fact, last year I fielded at least one new client request from Linked In a week.
The other day a blogger friend who is new to Linked In asked me something about Linked In and we started talking which brought me to the topic of Linked In groups. Linked In is a social tool and social tools are rarely static. Just like other platforms and channels you get out of it what you put in. So you need to visit regularly. You need to join groups and even contribute once in awhile. Follow businesses that are of interest to you and pay attention to trends in digital publishing or your particular domain. Joining groups and commenting, and sharing professional opinions on Linked In may mean your profile is viewed more often than some other  businesses. If that translates into jobs, then you have a clear edge by using Linked In well.
I explained this to a few other bloggers last week and one asked what my favourite groups are on Linked In. For a minute I considered sending a lengthy email update to those people when I realized this topic made more sense as a post. Now, call up your profile and head to Interests along the top. A menu of items includes Linked In groups. These are the few Linked In Groups I like the most.

My Four Favourite Linked In Groups:


1. SucceedSmall Business Network Powered by Staples

I found this one through Aliza Sherman. If you don’t know who she is, you should Google her. She’s a web pioneer, who is extremely on point for trends and one of the brightest women in technology and digital. I highly recommend her newsletter. She often shares smart new apps and groups and tools that help digital business people.

Staples Small Business Space has grown rapidly and it’s a great forum to talk business strategy and marketing plans. It’s even occasionally a place to pop in and contribute to a philosophical talk. What three words define your business? Can you start a business without a business plan? Introduce yourself, share a comment once in awhile if you feel like you have something to contribute. But first hang out and get to know the space before jumping right in. Linked In is the office and a professional tone is demanded. Linked In Groups are no different.

2. Type A Parent Conference #typeacon:

This is a space for bloggers. If you blog as a business and you approach your blog as such then you should be here. Kelby Carr is founder of Type A Parent, which has grown to be a multi-facteted business that I admire. Kelby sets trends in blogging and is incredibly smart. Plus she asks the hard questions – like are we killing the golden goose by taking on too many sponsored posts? This is a smart space where you can learn more about blogging opportunities, conferences, chats and developments.


3. Pro Blogger: run by Darren Rowse

This is the group for professional bloggers striving to be entrepreneurial. High level business focus for bloggers. Not blogging 101 at all. Rowse is a blogger, speaker, entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia. Pro Blogger is a place to go to find the webinars necessary to build skills. If you only have time for one of these Linked In Groups or sites mentioned this is the one you should pick.

4. Social Media Today:

A smart space for people working with, or in social media. This is another space where I keep abreast of trends in the industry. Digital discussions about SEO, Keywords and best practices in WordPress and other formats. This group helps you grow your business smartly. Click here to find the group.
Are you in any Linked In Groups? Do you have a favourite? Share it here.

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