If it’s Thursday..A Valentine’s Cooking With Kids #Bloghop

Well, I know you are all dying to know what we cooked or baked together this week, so without any further introduction here it is. 
Oh don’t get all healthy on me. It’s Valentine’s so we decided to make treats and give them out to the volunteers and friends that we see at SARI therapeutic horseback riding program every week. We only ate a *cough* couple hundred  ourselves on the way to and from the horses. It is a long ride you know. Anyways, nothing much kids love more than cooking and making candy.
This one is easy peasy.
I have multiple great Bulk Barn candy and lollipop plastic molds in my drawers and felt like making these white chocolate teddy bear lollipops and candy cherubs.
So get out the moulds go visit Bulk Barn or the grocery store and load up on those little coloured wafers. There are various brands. I love the white chocolate wafers and will be heading back for some more before next week. Using a double boiler or a regular old pot on low melt all the wafers. Key is low temp. Burnt lollies are awful! When melted pour into the molds and for the lollipops add the sticks quickly before the chocolate or candy hardens.

 Disclaimer: **If your kids have allergies to nut products, as you well know this is not the food or treat for them and I wouldn’t take these to school if I knew a child had a nut allergy.

Anyways now it’s your turn. Link up with whatever your kids and you baked or cooked this week. Post on your blog leave me the link and we will hop and follow each other. Happy Baking! Don’t forget to steal the button and link back to me here.

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