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My One of a Kind Wreath

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This is my 2011 wreath, er um my kid. Well, you can see that it is clearly a wreath, right? A tiny bit unconventional perhaps. Just like my child. She has special needs and she does a regular therapeutic riding program, SARI, where they gave each child one of these craft sets to build. This is how ours came home. My brilliant husband, hung it immediately. He knew not to adjust any of it. We actually still had our Easter egg wreath up because I am lazy. No wait, because I have a child, two children with varying degrees of special needs and things like home decorating get lost around here. C’est La Vie. All part of life on Mars. So, anyways I came back from some a school PTA meeting recently and found this hanging and I touched it. I did. I’ll admit it. I moved one of the bulbs before I realized it is perfect, just the way it is. Because she made it. Oh I can picture her now throwing the bulbs on all haphazard so that she could race around the room spinning wildly out of control among friends at SARI and that is exactly why I took my hands off her work of art and left it. Just like that. I realize – to the rest of the world this wreath is just like her. So many of you can’t resist touching my wreath trying to shape it into a pretty little store bought image of a wreath. Sometimes I almost fall into that trap myself. But she is what she is and she will not change. So stop right there, or I might have to smack your hand. She is perfect. My wreath. I think it is my favourite one yet. 
What do you wish nobody would ever change about your child?

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  • Skees

    I love your wreath and your daughter. Wouldn’t change either one. As for my child I hope her creativity and imagination don’t get squashed by the real world.

  • Margarita Ibbott

    Love, love, love this post…so touching…although the organizer in me was re-arranging it in my head.

    But happily, when I opened my eyes it was exactly as it should be…the way your daughter envisioned it.

    Merry Christmas to your blessed child.

  • sharon

    Love this post so much. Truly.

    I would not want anyone to ever change Son No. 1’s ability to do be his own person no matter how much peer pressure there is. And for Son No. 2 I hope he doesn’t lose his sensitivity.