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5 Easy Packing Tips for Summer Road Trips and Business Trips #travel #giveaways


Summer road trips and business trips go hand in hand here. My summer has been filled with business trips. But the positive side of that is that my business is doing well. So I can’t complain about that. And I am able to combine my business trips with pleasure. So just last week I was able to do a quick business trip while also visiting my sweet niece and nephews in Toronto. That’s pretty fantastic, the best of both worlds, really. And there was New York City this summer, also always a treat! This coming week I am finally able to visit the beach. WHEW!! This summer was busy and I need a little down time laying on a beach with a good read. With so much travel, I have learned a few fast travel packing tips.


Five Easy Packing Tips

1. Roll Your T-Shirts. They take up less space. Do the same with your boots in the fall. Don’t sacrifice wearing your cute clothes and boots. Just pack them differently. My good friend Margarita Ibbott over at DownshiftingPro taught me to roll my boots when we went to a conference one year. I had no idea you could even do that.

[tweetthis]Roll your T-shirts when you travel they take up less space. #travel[/tweetthis]

2. Travel with Resealable Plastic Bags for Liquids and anything that could potentially cause a mess. You really can’t have that stuff on your clothing, or you are scrambling to clean up when you get to your destination.

3. If you check your luggage always, always, keep your medicine and one outfit in your carry on, your purse or your laptop bag. I have been caught once or twice with no clothing when an airline misplaced my luggage. That’s not a pleasant feeling and can give any trip a rough start.

4. Pack your Toothbrush, as you do your medicine. It’s that important. Now my toothpaste is bigger, so it can go in the suitcase or the checked luggage. But for road trips I like to keep the toothbrush and toothpaste separate and nearby. You never know when and where you might stop, and brushing your teeth is not optional. This summer I have been travelling with the new Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ Rejuvenating Toothpaste and Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Manual Toothbrush in Extra White. This innovative manual brush cleans hard to reach places just like a battery operated brush. Plus it is convenient and has a sleek design. I literally just tossed mine into my suitcase, side pocket with toothpaste for easy access. When I travel by air I often put my toothbrush into my laptop bag. That way I have it ready and with me.

A few facts about Arm and Hammer Truly Radiant Products:

A&H TM Truly Radiant TM Rejuvenating Toothpaste:

·         Clinically proven to whiten teeth in just 5 days, beautifying your smile

·         Goes beyond whitening to clean and strengthen tooth enamel

·         Leaves your mouth with a light and crisp mint flavour and a cool sensation

A&H TM Spinbrush TM Truly Radiant TM Manual Brush in Extra White:

·         The only manual brush with a rotating head designed for a deep clean

·         Elongated bristles help to clean hard to reach places and rotate as you brush to blast away plaque

·         Extra white manual brush uses whitening bristles and a specially designed whitening cup to enhance stain removal

5. Ditch the Extra Cards in Your Wallet – Last But Not Least – This is one I sometimes forget. Call your bank and/ or credit cards. Let them know you will be out of town so they don’t flag your card for unusual activity causing you to have a problem while charging the hotel stay or anything like that. AND remember take out all unnecessary credit cards and rewards cards (you might also consider using a service that combines all your rewards cards to cut clutter. I wrote about that card service back here. They just add clutter to a trip. Place them somewhere safe. Lock them in your safe deposit box at home or whatever works for you. You don’t need the extra clutter.

This post was sponsored by Arm and Hammer. My opinion is all my own. I also have one giveaway package to gift to a lucky reader. So follow the instructions in the widget below to win. Canadians only for this one please. Thanks!

Do you have any great packing tips to share?

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