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New Affordable Canadian Mattresses – Mirabed

We received product in exchange for honest consideration in this post about affordable Canadian mattresses.

My youngest daughter has been asking for a room makeover for months. There never seemed to be time. But last summer when she went away to camp in Muskoka, we stripped everything off of the walls and painted the room three different colours. Of course, she helped picked the shades out. That gave her space a big boost of colour.

And she was thrilled with the results when she came home. But, there was still the matter of the furniture and a mattress. Her bed, a loft bed, was way too small and she had outgrown the matching dresser and tiny children’s sliding wardrobe. The desk was still okay but it was attached to the loft bed. The foam mattress she had fit her bed but it was not much good after roughly 8-9 years of sleeping in it every night.

So, we set out to find something new that fit her room and was long enough for her too. She’s not huge at 5 foot 1 and 15 years old, but climbing up a ladder into bed and sleeping on an old worn mattress was not working for anyone anymore. I started hunting for affordable options for beds and mattresses weeks before I headed to Yellowstone National Park on a media trip. But, then I was away in Montana and Wyoming and September slid by in a blur.

I googled affordable Canadian mattresses more than once and also Canadian platform beds. We looked on Amazon, Ikea and we also visited numerous stores in person. We had a general idea of a platform bed style in mind before I found the mattress. I don’t think it’s any big surprise to any of my readers that the boxed mattress phenomenon has changed the mattress retail scene dramatically in the last decade.

My husband and I both have a traditional queen sized bed and we still like it. We replaced our Queen sized mattress with a Douglas Mattress a couple of years ago and are still happy with that. But, what was there for a teenager? Ideally we wanted something that would last her for several years and also I wanted something affordable. In fact, we had to do her entire room on a budget. I found a few bed options that would work to replace her old bed, but still the mattress was tricky.

A good quality supportive mattress is crucial to a good night sleep. So, when I finally found Mirabed, affordable Canadian mattresses, I was hopeful and excited to see how they stacked up.

Right off the bat, the first difference is that they are less pricy than any other options I have found. That’s amazing. Mirabed promised to be a mattress option that was good quality, easy to order online and affordable too! So, we ordered our daughter a Mirabed mattress, then I set about listing her old bed set for sale. Thankfully, I quickly sold the old set and the new mattress arrived within the same week.

My daughter actually wrote the new owner of her bed set a letter to tell him basically I hope you love this set as much as I did. Have lots of pillow fights and build many forts.

What You Need to Know

How Does Mirabed Stack Up?

  • Sets up easily
  • Is compact
  • Affordable
  • 100 % made in Canada
  • Non toxic materials
  • 10 year warranty
  • 130 night sleep trial period

Most importantly the price is the most affordable boxed mattress on the market right now. Mirabed mattresses start at $549. We ordered a double for my daughter’s room.

So How is Mira Mattress Different Than the Others?

There aren’t a lot of differences between Mira mattress and the others on the market right now. Both are extremely comfortable. Mira is a bit firmer than the Doulas mattress that I have in my room.

  • Mira is the most affordable of the two mattresses at easily $100 less than the other brands.
  • Made in Canada and Free Shipping Across Canada (most of the brands have this)
  • Instead of a 120 night trail, Mira has a 130 night trial period.
  • The Toronto Star chose Mira as Best Value Mattress for Canadian made quality and comfort. Toronto Star’s 2019 Most Affordable Mattress of the Year. That’s huge!

How is it for Comfort?

Teenagers spend a lot of time in their rooms trying to carve out their own space. They lie on beds talking and texting and sending Snapchat streaks endlessly. Love it or hate it, that’s life with a teen. It was important to us that we create a room that gives her space to grow.

The double, or full sized Mirabed mattress was Canadian and it was a great price. It has replaced a tiny foam children’s mattress that was overused.

This Could Be the Last Mattress You Ever Buy

Our new Mira mattress will last her until she moves out for college or university. Now, we just need to replace that old dresser and get some shelves up on the walls and the room will be complete!

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