Paperblanks notebook journal #giveaway

Once upon a time my husband worked at a place that sold piles upon piles of office type supplies and stationery. That was many moons ago. But I recall at one point when we were both studying to get through university, a lady I knew absolutely swooning over the stationery at said Waterloo business place. I frankly thought her odd at that time for swooning over paper. I failed to get it. Of course now that I am – ahem- cultured and sophisticated too (note: I did not say old.) I adore stationery as much or more than she did. Nothing prettier to dress up my home office (or dining room table) than pretty little notebooks and paper and organizers. So when I got back from Blogher 12 and found this gorgeous little notebook journal in my bag I think I squealed and then hid my lovely Paperblanks journal. My precious. This is a really high quality lined book with gorgeous artistic covers. The binding is smythe-sewn, containing acid-free sustainable forest paper. It is a very grownup product that I could see others coveting, but this one is all mine. See, stationery in our house walks away. It walks to my kid’s rooms and their schools where they collect and occasionally use and sometimes gift it to friends. Not this baby! It is sophisticated and grown up like me. Paperblanks Ukiyo-E Kimono Pattern lined journal is beyond adorable. Paperblanks is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, B.C., but they ship internationally. They are on twitter and facebook too. Paperblanks was started 20 years ago to keep book heritage alive and vital during the electronic age. Paperblanks offers people a beautiful place to express themselves creatively. They have offered one lucky reader a giveaway Paperblanks notebook journal similar to mine. Same value. There are so many beautiful designs and variations. This giveaway is open to Canada and the U.S. Good luck and happy writing! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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