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First Shave – Building Good Hygiene Habits for Daughters #ad #moveslikenoother

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gillette Venus. All opinions are 100% mine.

First shave. There are so many teen and tween developmental milestones that are tricky areas to navigate. First period, first kiss, first shave, first date. There’s really no rule book for these areas. Even though your girls will probably pretend they do not want to hear any of this information from Mom, it’s important that they learn.  I mean everything Mom does or says is embarrassing at a certain point, but still you have to keep the channels of communication open. And it’s important that you help build in some basic good hygiene habits from the start.


Make the First Shave a Great Experience

The first shave is a MAJOR first. I’m not even joking when I say that my youngest was asking since she was 11 years old. “When should I start shaving my legs?” I repeatedly advised her she was a bit too young to start at 11, but by 12 she didn’t want to wait any longer, so it was time to discuss how to do a first shave and what tools we needed.

On the weekend we were both driving to a social event – a bridal shower – together. It was an exciting day and something purely girly. Only my youngest and I were going because my older girl had a rehearsal for her play and was busy. The nice thing about these opportunities is that we have the chance to have Girl Time and one on one GIRL DAY. Yes, we even call it that. After martial arts, she and I tidied up and were preparing to dress up a bit so we had the chance to cover this topic again.


Use Shave Gel

Always start with a great shave gel and use a moisturizing lotion after shaving. The gel helps eliminate skin irritation, and the lotion keeps skin hydrated and healthy. Luckily the Gillette Venus Swirl has a water activated Moisture Glide Serum making the first shave and every shave thereafter, a gentle experience. That’s important for teens and tweens, and Moms too. You can find more information about the product here –  www.gillettevenus.cafirst_shave

Use Warm Water

Warm water is best for shaving because it opens the pores and helps with getting a closer shave. After shaving, give a quick spray of cold water on the legs to close all those pores back up.

Don’t Buy Into the Waxing Myth

Many girls, and women too, think that waxing is the only way to get smooth, hair-free and exfoliated skin. This is a MYTH. And a painful one, at that! If your daughter uses a good shave gel and a sharp razor, she’ll get skin that’s just as smooth and exfoliated without the pain of waxing. Waxing can be expensive and painful. Razors are generally more convenient and affordable.

Use a Razor That’s Designed for Women

In addition to menstruation and the first shave, part of becoming a woman is developing curves. For a wonderful experience with that first shave and every shave after, our daughters can’t use just any old razor. Women need something that navigates curves without causing pressure, skin irritation, and the worst of all, cuts.

The Venus Swirl was made for women and designed by women. Why do I care about that? Women’s bodies are unique. We quite simply shouldn’t be shaving with razors made for men. It’s important to me to support businesses that build their products for women, with input from women. It matters to me as a parent of two girls.

If your tween, or teenager, is just starting to use a razor, you don’t want them getting discouraged easily. Good products that work are vital to making sure their first tries at shaving are successful. Venus Swirl pivots nicely to manoeuvre around curves, so your daughter doesn’t have to work too hard. The moisture glide serum also means no irritation during or after shaving. My daughter has sensitive skin so I am very conscious of things that can aggravate her and cause itching or dry skin.


I find, when I shave, that the knee, both behind and in front, and the ankle area are the trickiest spots. There are often fine hairs left around the knee area even after a long shave. But that wasn’t the case with the Venus Swirl. No more missed hairs? That’s something to celebrate and share.

If I had a dollar for every single time I cut myself near the ankle with a rigid razor I’d have about $100 more dollars than I do today. FLEXIBALL™ technology somehow translated into no nicks or cuts. That’s the way a shave should be.

The flexible nature of the Venus Swirl is ideal for your teenager. Whether you have been shaving for 30 years, or are just learning, comfort and convenience matters. The cute design doesn’t hurt either.

For kicks on the weekend I tried my current razor on one leg and the Venus Swirl on the other. Then, because the one done with the old razor was still not smooth I redid it with the Venus Swirl. The difference was noticeable.

The First Shave Should be Wonderful

The first shave is a major rite of passage for our daughters, so it’s important to be sure it goes smoothly… I had to. Make sure she understands the importance of a good shave gel, a good lotion, and the most advanced razor out there, the Venus Swirl. With the best gel, razor, and guidance, that first shave can be a milestone our daughters never forget.  One that leaves her with smooth, flawless skin!

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  • Lilac

    You’ve really made the “first shave” a wonderful experience for your daughter. I agree that you must use razors that are designed for women; there is a difference. I happen to use Gillette Venus razors as well and I prefer them.

  • Olivia

    I can’t even imagine my girls old enough to want to shave! Still a few years to go I hope. But yeah, I wish I had a dollar for every time I nicked myself using hubby’s razor LOL!

  • Carla

    Oh my goodness!! Hard to believe she’s 12 and ready to shave. We had the same talk but with our son – the first shave is so important. And talking about it even more so. Kids can be so embarrassed so easily! Using a good razor is key.

  • Tiffany C

    My first shave was not a good one. I still remember trying to be sneaky in the shower and do it with out any help. I ended up with a huge cut on my leg. This razor seems awesome and I just might have to try it out myself:)