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Schneider’s Lunchmate Plus Fruit #Giveaway


Every Mom – or Dad – knows lunchbox letdown is a big deal when you are a kid. So how do you avoid the lunchbox coming back home from school completely full at end of day? Well, here, at the Schuck casa, we are huge fans of protein, fruit and vegetables in  lunches and snacks. We try to eat healthy and give our kids good options for meals. School lunches have always been a challenge. And I think that’s the case for pretty much every parent alive.

So once a week our kids get hot lunch and that saves me time plus it breaks up the monotony of boring lunch time for my girls. Once a week one of them also gets pizza and the other takes a tuna kit. And one day a week, or even every other week as a special treat, I slip one of these Schneider’s Lunchmates with fruit into the mix. We have often bought the Lunchables and, let’s face it, every kid loves finding those in their lunch bag. But recently I discovered these Lunchmates with fruit and we have now begun purchasing them. (Stay tuned to find out how you can win some vouchers that will let you buy $20 worth of these Schneider’s products).

Last week one of my girls was off school and she was getting a bit down. Normally I would tell my kids: “Hands off the Lunchmates. They are for at school only.” But because she needed a little boost I let her try one of the newest ones – with Schneider’s Country Naturals ham and cheese and a Del Monte fruit cup. These also come in turkey and chicken. Needless to say the treat brightened her mood and it also saved me some work. The fruit cup was a welcome addition to the Lunchmates. These kits are a nice break in the weekly rotation of school lunches here and I love that they have Schneider’s Naturals meats included with fruit on the side as a dessert.You can win $20 in vouchers to try the Lunchmates, or any other Schneider’s products.

Can I just tell you that over the summer I got totally hooked on Schneider’s turkey Pepperrettes. They are so tasty and a great little snack to toss in the lunches. You can use the vouchers for these too if you want. My giveaway is only open to Canada. Don’t forget to sign up for the Lunchmate Club too. Collect points for fun merchandise. Don’t forget to like the Lunchmate Facebook page too for special offers and recipes.

Disclosure: I am a member of Maple Leaf Connects program. As part of my participation in this group, I have received compensation. All opinions are my own.

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