Take the Christmas in July Challenge Now!

Oh boy, I know I don’t need to tell you that this year has been a doozy. We are all looking for some cheery ways to get through the summer. I’ve seen a lot of Christmas in July kinds of events happening online and at the start of the entire pandemic Christmas was a beacon of hope for many.

Christmas in July

Some were decorating trees in the front of their homes with Christmas decorations and bulbs as a show of strength and hope. Others put their trees up and I heard of one family who was actually doing a full Christmas in July kind of thing back in early April. So, Christmas in April, I guess.

I’ll be honest here, every single new cancellation has been a huge blow to me. So, recently, when camps were cancelled and my final bit of hope for a manageable summer went up in smoke, I was devastated for all of us. Overnight summer camp has always been respite for us and a truly positive force for our daughter, who is simply a better person for months after she returns home.

Salvaging Summer

Anyways, safe to say, we are looking for ways to lean in and alter the course of what could be a rather sad socially distant summer. Thank heavens, we still have the swimming pool here in our backyard. I intend to keep it open as long as possible and to use it often. But what else can we do to get through? Is it possible to thrive this year, instead of just surviving?

What Does Summer 2020 Look Like?

What does that even look like right now? For us, so far, that’s been a lot of Harry Potter movie marathons, a bit of hiking and also inspirational rock painting and so many crafts. In fact, I am running out of crafts actually. No surprise there though. It’s my teens who are the crafty ones, not me.

I suppose a pandemic summer begins with us taking care of our mental health, which is especially important right now, while also looking out for each other and getting creative too.

Bring On Christmas in July

Christmas in July is one idea I am floating around right now. The idea of challenging ourselves to think outside the box and make a charming adventure that’s just a little out of the ordinary seems like a great way to thrive and survive this July. I mean if we start with baking cookies, how can we go wrong?

To Download the Christmas in July challenge and schedule click on the link below. I promise the link is clean and couldn’t be easier to use.

Some Christmas in July Ideas

Watch a Christmas movie together! Create snowflakes and string them up around the house. Play a Christmas game. There are so many other cute and sweet ways to do Christmas in July.

What are You Doing in July?

I want to hear what you come up with too. If you do this or have done it in the past please let me know and leave a comment.

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