Teethease Review – Save your Hair, Get a Teethease Necklace

By Brooke Berry

This is my teeny 4 pound baby when he first got home from the hospital.  He LOVES to grab things, mostly my hair.  Or earrings, or necklace.  I love the kid, but I like my hair too.

Have you seen these really cute necklaces?  Not only are they adorable but they are soft for teething kids.  My boys like to hold on to them (and thankfully let go of me) when they are cuddling with me.  Now that they are teething, this necklace has literally been a life saver.  Their lives.  Just kidding…  (kinda).

I also like that the clasp is sturdy but if it gets yanked too hard, it breaks way easily. Therefore it won’t get tangled or cause injury at all.

So here is my mom, wearing my necklace.

And here is the baby eating it. Its dishwasher safe (for cleaning) and MOST importantly, the kids love it.

They are also available in a simple pendant.  I think I am going to go pick one up, mostly for style reasons.  I could wear the smaller one out every day, or with more outfits, but the rock style is more fun.
Which one would you choose?
Thanks Teethease for giving me the necklace to try out.  I truly loved it.
You can buy Teethease from their online shop

There are several new products too. Check them out.

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