Conference Craziness and #LinkedMoms chat #giveaway

Conferences. Conferences. Conferences. Everywhere you look right now, if you blog, or run a brand, or host any kind of digital site/website, there are conferences. Blissdom? Blogher? She’s Connected. Tweetstock? Just to name a few.

GOALS: So which conferences are you going to? When and where and why? And what will you be taking? Can you share any special details or pins or lists with us? Are you sharing a room with friends? Are you parachuting in and flying out fast on Saturday night? Are you coming all the way and staying for a little extra sight-seeing? 
This will be my third year at She’s Connected and I am making a list of bloggers I want to say hello to again this year. I will be riding in style with Margarita Ibbott ( downshiftingpro. ) and Wanda of YummyMummyClub and the lovely @CynGagen too. This is my London tribe, so we are thrilled to be hitting the conference in style with Chevrolet. Thanks Chevy and Margarita! The trip in is often every bit as fun as the conference itself. 
My Goals:
1. Reconnect with some old blogger friends.
2. Meet the new ones. I will have a separate list for all the newbies I am itching to meet. My baby blogger Brooke from Alberta is coming in and she’s right at the top of the list. She’s been contributing to my blog as a baby and toddler product review blogger for a couple of months now. I am so excited to meet her. Her blog is There are so many great people I only get to see once a year or twice a year and so it’s nice to have goals that way. 
3. Grow my network.
4. Leave with two new jobs at least from each conference.
5. Gain some tools to help get a grasp on SEO – still baffles me.
6. Support friends who are speaking or leading team discussions – like Wanda. We adore Wanda  She is funny and sweet and smart and a great friend. You can’t not like Wanda. True fact.
7. Maybe gain some ideas on how to build creative campaigns from the PR side of it.
8. Connect with the bloggers I have hired to work on a couple of campaigns I am running right now.
9. Figure out more business strategies. I am all about the writing and have always been a writer because it is my passion. Building in the business side, book-keeping and tax info. is harder and less appealing to me. I hope to grow those skills.
10. Lastly I want to have some fun. Pure and simple. Sleep would be good too. But I’d like to enjoy at least one party.
How about your professional goals – are you making it your mission to make 10 new contacts? Is it your goal to work through your list of brands that you really want to connect with and pursue? Or will you just be fighting your way through crowds and hoping not to have a panic attack? 
Whatever your goal is share it and make it real tonight at 8 p.m. EST on twitter with #linkedmoms.
TOOLS: What tools do you need to make your goals reality? Are you bringing your media kit? Do you have a media kit? Do you have new business cards? Do you need some still? Are you bringing any goodies that will be icebreakers? The savvy @chancesmommy last year brought some amazing chocolate from Manitoulin Island. 
Whatever your tools are, share them with the greater community of Moms and Dads tonight on the LinkedMOMs chat at 8 p.m. EST.

Twitter redesign
Oh and this week one lucky winner gets a great prize of a twitter makeover – offered by @FraniePalaschuk
Her site is a great resource for bloggers and brands. So that new twitter relaunch that happened oh two weeks ago and made us all frantic??…. She’ll work with you to make yours all pretty, or professional or pretty professional. 
So see you there!

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.