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Ten Fun and Creative Easter Crafts

Spring weather inspires creativity. I have noticed just this week, in the first days of spring, that I am inspired to start new projects. I have also pitched old contacts new ideas and so on. That makes me feel positive and happy about the change of seasons. Are you noticing the same? Maybe it’s the thinner coats and clothes, but I feel somehow lighter and able to see all the possible wonderful opportunities to create.

Ten Fun and Easy Easter Crafts

I am sure my kids are feeling the same in some ways. Lately when I knock on my older daughter’s door I see the sewing kit and craft materials scattered across her floor. I will take that over the glued to a screen iPad watching teen that sometimes inhabits that room. 😉 I think she’s feeling a bit of that spring creativity herself. Call it Spring Crafter’s fever. She’s my crafty child. When she was three I debated keeping her home with me or starting half days in preschool and the deciding factor for me was actually the crafting and creativity. She would ask to craft all day every day from the time she was 2 1/2 and I actually ran out of things to create. That’s when I knew it was time to enrol her in preschool of the performing arts. She crafted her little heart out there!

Here are some simple and really cute crafts for you to help exorcise that creative spring spirit. I personally adore the garland and the button egg craft. My older daughter will love that craft. I think we already have all the buttons we need stashed away here somewhere. Who knows, maybe we will get to make the garland too. I love how professional it looks.


Ten Fun and Creative Easter Crafts

Easter Egg Garland – The Jenny Evolution
Button Egg Craft – A Cultivated Nest
Wood Easter Blocks – Ribbons and Glue
DIY Foam Sugar Egg – Little Miss Celebration
Glove Bunny – Crafts N Coffee
Foam Cup Chick – Crafts by Amanda
Easy Easter Peeps Clay Magnets – DIY Candy
Toilet Paper Roll Easter Rabbits – Crafts by Courtney
Easter Bunny Q-Tip Craft – Meaningful Mama
Baking Cup Flowers – My Kids Guide

Happy Easter and Have a super spring. By the way don’t forget to check out my Spring Printables on Pinterest and my Spring Crafts and Recipes Pinterest Board there too.

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