Elf Coloring Sheet

Elf Coloring Sheet Printable

Elf Coloring Sheet
Elf Coloring Sheet for Christmas


More coloring sheets for the kids. Thanks for reading my blog throughout the year. I am happy to share this free Elf Coloring Sheet with you as a thank you! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Are your lists ready for Santa? Have you mailed them yet? If not, then don’t forget to stop here for a free Santa’s wish list also. This season I am giving back to my readers with these freebies and I am giving back to everyone else with World Vision Gifts. I love that these gifts help change lives. To read more about how to give with World Vision Canada, click here and read.

You can get this sheet by right clicking the above image and saving to your computer. By the way these are the only things you can download off my blog. All other pictures are protected by copyright. You can also get a PDF of this Elf Coloring Sheet by clicking on the word Elf in the link below. It’s a clean and clear version of the above image and it may also be larger in size.

You can find this printable and several others here on my Pinterest board for Printables.


Happy Holidays!


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