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Three Simple Steps to #TreatsforToys #Christmas

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There’s nothing we love more than baking together, but we haven’t done much of that lately. My kitchen renovation left things absolutely beautiful here, but because we are getting ready to sell I have been reluctant to touch too much, or break anything, or mess my pretty new backsplash up. So, we let the baking slide.
Happily this week we jumped right back in with Kelloggs. Kelloggs is asking everyone to take three simple steps for kids this Christmas. Baking a simple Rice Krispies treat and sculpting it into a toy will give you the opportunity to help a child who might not have many toys under the tree this year.
1. Craft a toy out of your Rice Krispie treats.
2. Take a picture. Instagram it or share via twitter if you want.
3. Upload a picture of your toy to and Kelloggs will donate a toy to the Salvation Army.
Can you guess what my kids made?
Apparently they have tech on the mind this year. Youngest daughter made an iPod shuffle and a snowflake. I made a car (yes, I am that creative) and Payton made an iPhone. Ainsley also made a tiny reindeer toy and a ball. It’s one heck of a lot of fun messing around with the marshmallow mix and digging right in. It’s a sensory experience for Ainsley and baking makes her happy. Eating the baked goods makes the rest of us happy. 
Anyways, have fun with this and help the Salvation Army too. What will your kids make?

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