My Tim Horton’s Coffee Poll

When it comes to the question of Starbucks versus Tim Horton’s I cannot say I’m surprised in the least by the results of a poll this week crowning Timmies a favourite among Canucks.
In the Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey released this week Starbucks fans were trounced by diehard Timmie’s lovers. In fact not only did Starbucks lose but Timmies kicked them to the curb 4 to 1.

Given a choice I choose Timmie’s every time. Not only is the coffee better, not bitter, it’s simply fiscally more responsible. Give me my medium double double any day of the week. Cost = $1.28. Small double double $1.18. Take this order across the street to Starbucks and it will cost you easily .50 cents more. Roughly translated a medium double double at Starbucks becomes a tall breakfast blend and generally you add your own sugar or soya milk, splenda or half and half. Sure I like the comfy seats and the atmosphere is something you can’t put a price on., or can you? If you buy one coffee a day for a year you save $127.50 by choosing Timmie’s over Starbucks. A week’s worth of groceries. The cost of enrolling my daughter in Brownie’s for one year. Or the cost of family passes for a day of fun at Ontario Place Canada’s Wonderland. Well, you get the idea.

Once or twice a year I defect and spend half an hour indulging in some sweet treat, an overpriced coffee, comfy chair, the Globe and Mail spread out wide across the street at Starbucks. But frankly most days of the year I’m much too busy wiping peanut butter off my car seats, shovelling snow and juggling PTA meetings with freelance deadlines to migrate to Timmie’s overpriced cousin’s house.

Roll Up the Rim to Win, offered at Timmie’s once a year is a Canadian institution and Timmie’s supports numerous local charities with their Smile Cookies and Rent-A-Tent and Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation Camp Day. So it usually makes me feel better buying from them too.

Cheers and I’ll have another double double please.

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  • Anonymous

    I totally agree. Reluctantly I choose Starbucks, only while out of the country and there’s no other choice! “Better, not bitter” describes it perfectly and it’s true about the price.