Family Tree Printable
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Traditional Family Tree Printable for Family Day

The ancestry topic is hot no matter what age you are. At some point in your child’s education they will start to learn about ancestry and heritage. This Traditional Family Tree Printable for kids can help them sort some of their heritage out.

Family Tree Printable
This is a traditional family tree printable just for you.


Family Tree PS-1

When you have little people it can be a lot of fun to help them discover their world. Part of that discovery process also involves figuring out who belongs where. Which uncle is married to which aunt? Who is that, as far as it relates to Daddy? My one daughter, even at 10, will still ask sometimes: is Uncle Ken Daddy’s brother or who is he married to? It takes practice and reminders and a lot of repetition to get the relationships all figured out.

For your child, it’s all part of figuring out where they fit in your family.

This Family Day, one of my talented helpers here built this Family Tree to share with my Thrifty Momma’s Tips readers. I like that this can be used any time of year at home just to help your little person figure out who goes where.

The traditional Family Tree Printable is free to download, but please do not copy it. I give you permission to access it one of two ways. You can right click on the image and save to your computer and then print. But I always do this instead: click on the link above and print it out from a PDF. It’s much clearer and a nicer image too.

Of course, there are days when these types of activities can bring up interesting questions. Why doesn’t Uncle Joe have a wife? Whose tummy did you come out of? And so on. Stay tuned because tomorrow I have the Family Tree for Adoptive Families!! I am super excited about that one. We could have used it many times over as my kids were growing up.


Thanks for reading and have fun doing this together. Happy Family Day!


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