Tommee Tippee Gingerbread Collection

Tommee Tippee Gingerbread Collection
Tommee Tippee Gingerbread Collection


Baby’s first Christmas is a time of special magic. Babies bring hope and wonder to the world just by their presence, and depending on their age, they help us see this season with new and excited eyes. My oldest daughter Sunshine was ten months old at her first Christmas—old enough to taste the mashed potatoes and peas, play strange at all the new relatives, need help opening her presents, and have fun with the wrapping paper.

The following year, she made us all laugh by ripping a piece of wrapping paper from a present, running across the room to throw it in the garbage bag my uncle held for her, returning to the present to rip another piece off, running to throw it out… unwrapping each present took about ten minutes, until some helpful, eager adults stepped in!


This year, Tommee Tippee and Babies R Us have introduced a wonderfully festive, limited-edition collection that would be perfect for baby’s first Christmas—or their second Christmas too. The designs feature whimsical scenes of Christmas celebrations including gingerbread houses, snowflakes, stockings and presents. The series is called the Tommee Tippee Gingerbread Collection.

If this is baby’s first Christmas, the nature easi-vent feeding bottles in red and green will be perfect, along with the adorable festive soother to calm baby in the midst of all the holiday busyness. Tommee Tippee’s pacifiers feature a symmetrical orthodontic nipple (the only type Sunshine would accept) and come in soft red or green.

If baby has moved beyond bottles, get him or a first sips drinking cup, available in either red or green. These Tommee Tippee Gingerbread Collection cups come with interchangeable handles so baby can drink on his own and are guaranteed to be non-spill and easy drinking. Nobody wants a spill on Grandma’s fancy couch!

These products are available exclusively at Babies R Us  either separately or as a gift set that includes two bottles and a matching bib embroidered with snowflakes.

Find out more about these special products in The Tale of the Gingerbread Man. Or drop by Babies R Us to admire the collection in person and decide whether it’ll be red or green for your baby this year. (I’m partial the green, myself—it would match the green-and-gold Christmas dress I made for Sunshine’s first Christmas and which her sisters have worn for subsequent holidays).

Bonnie Way looks forward to Christmas from her home on Vancouver Island, where her daughters (now 6, 4 and 1) are eagerly anticipating snow and a visit to Grandma and Grandpa. She blogs about motherhood, Christmas and more at

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