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Be My Valentine – Say it With Hallmark #Giveaway

Be my Valentine. It’s the classic phrase, and you can’t help but love saying it. Whether you say it to your significant other or your kids, be my Valentine, is a phrase that says, “I love you, and you’re important to me”. It makes you feel all warm inside to say it or to hear it. My favorite is to pair that with a nice card and a cute item from Hallmark.


Be My Valentine is My Jam!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Although it does involve gifts, it’s not like Christmas where everyone expects a pile of presents. Instead, it’s more about the love we feel for our family members and friends. It’s a time that I can say, “I love you” in a way that is just a little bit more special than all the other times I’ve said it.


One of the ways I can do that is with adorable gifts from Hallmark. Hallmark is more than just cards! Hallmark has a ton of super cute items for Valentine’s Day that can help you make this Day of Doting (I made that up myself) even more sweet. And when I say a ton, I mean a ton. They have 154 Valentine’s Day items, in fact, so everybody should be able to find the perfect way to say, “Be my Valentine.”


I adore Love-a-Saurus and the kids are having fun listening to him and making him dance to the tune of  “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer. Love-a-Saurus’ Techno Plush with Sound and Motion is sold at participating Hallmark stores for $17.95 with each purchase of 3 Hallmark cards. The MSRP is $32.95. Love-A-Saurus is my favourite new Hallmark dancing toy. The pretty pillow and several cute books make me happy this year too. In fact the pillow with pom pom decorations states: Let’s Get Happy Up in Here.

The Marjolein Bastin Flat Note Pad Set, shown above, would be such a sweet gift for anyone! So many people adore stationery. This is perfect for a teacher or assistant just to say Thank you and I care about you. Special: $7.95 with any purchase. MSRP: $12.95. Perfect for everyday notes, and could even be used for little “I love you’sscattered around the house. This includes Pen and bow.
Right now, I also love the stuffed animals and the soaps. Both are classic gift categories. With items like the Morgan the Monkey Knitted Stuffed Animal and Snoopy and Woodstock Stuffed Animal Set, you’ve got cozy and adorable covered. The soaps are a great gift, because, really, who doesn’t want to smell wonderful? Guys, this is a great gift for the lady in your life. We love to smell nice.

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If you’re not into stuffed animals or soaps, don’t worry, you can still say, “Be my Valentine” with something special from Hallmark. Aside from stuffed cuteness and lovely soaps, they have cards, jewelry, chocolates, and more. You really can find almost anything you can think of for that special someone in your life, whether its a significant other, or a child.

Say “Be My Valentine” with Hallmark This Year

Be my Valentine is a phrase that we all love to hear, and when you pair it with a cute, thoughtful gift from Hallmark, it’s even better. If you haven’t decided on what to get for the loved ones in your life, visit and take a look at all the Valentine’s Day cuteness they have.

This year I am giving away a set of the fancy triple milled soaps with a soap dish. Good luck to all who enter and Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am a member of the Love Hallmark Canada blog team and as such I receive special gifts. My opinion is all my own.



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