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Healthy Habits to Get You Through the Winter #ChurchandDwight

Healthy habits are important all year long, but I have to say, they’re even more important during the winter. Winter is when all the worst germs come out to play. By now everyone I know has had the colds, the flu bugs and even pink eye (TWICE in my case). However, if you practice healthy habits, you can help stave off the onslaught of all those nasty bugs and feel as good as possible all season long.


Simple Healthy Habits You can Start Today

These healthy habits can be started immediately and can help you feel better now and later. When you make healthier choices, your body gets stronger, and when your body gets stronger, you can fight off illnesses and bugs more easily!

  1. Exercise – Exercise doesn’t end just because it gets cold. Bundle up for a walk, jump on your treadmill, hit the gym – do anything to get in your exercise. It makes your body stronger and healthier.
  2. Water – Be sure you get in ALL your water in a day. Go for those full 8 glasses. A well hydrated body is a healthy body that can fight of bugs and the flu.
  3. Me Time – Stress is a killer – literally. Stress shortens your life. It also makes you more susceptible to illness. Take time for yourself to decompress. Maybe that’s a vacation, or a weekend away. It might also be exercise.
  4. Clean – It’s a pain, and it’s boring, but it’s also essential to being healthy. Take a little time to hit the carpets with the vacuum and do a little dusting. It removes particulates that can irritate your sinuses and lungs.
  5. Humidifier – A humidifier is your friend in the winter. Dry sinuses are more easily infected by germs. Run a humidifier to keep your sinuses nice and moist.
  6. Oral Health – A healthy mouth is key to a healthy life. Periodontal health is linked to heart disease, so oral health should always be on your healthy habits radar. Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ Clean & Fresh Toothpaste keeps your mouth clean and your teeth whiter in 5 days. Get teeth even cleaner when you use their Clean & Fresh Battery-Powered Toothbrush for 100% more plaque removal versus a manual toothbrush.
  7. Don’t Neglect Your Skin – Healthy habits include taking care of your skin. Moisturize often to keep the winter weather from making your skin chalky and sand papery. And make hair removal easier on yourself with Nair™ Was Ready-Strips. They make hair removal easy with their ready to use formula that requires no warming or rubbing. Nice.


Healthy Habits to Make Life Better

Although these healthy habits are showcased to help you survive the winter, they’re really year round things you can do to feel good every day. So remember, start these healthy habits for the winter and continue with them all year long for better health every day.

I am a Church and Dwight ambassador and as such I am compensated. My opinion is all my own. 

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Monica

    Love all of these healthy habits you have listed. Such a great reminder to stay on top of daily tasks and goals in an effort to be healthy all winter long. (PS I love Arm & Hammer toothpaste!)

  • marys

    These are great tips, and easy too. I have heard that people often give up on their resolutions because they are too difficult and not realistic to achieve or see results. I like that you have de-stressing in there too, because that is such an important thing especially for people like me. Stress really does get me, whether it affects my mood or my health, and I often find myself succumbing to something like a cold because don’t get enough sleep or balanced diet.

  • Stephanie Jeannot

    Yes to the water. I have been trying so hard to make sure I am getting a decent intake everyday because it is super important to stay hydrated. Yes tot he skin as well. Lately, I notice myself taking better care of my skin which is cool. I’m getting older so. . . LML!

  • Sage

    I do most of these things… I love my Sonicare, I work out 5 days a week, and I get a facial at least once a month. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately trying to finish our renovation of a property from 1899 in time to move in tomorrow, so I haven’t been taking as good care of myself as usual, and I can definitely feel the difference 🙁

  • Jennifer Van Huss

    These are great tips! The hardest thing for me is finding ME TIME. I always feel so guilty! But when I do I feel so great!! it is something I am going to work on this year so I don’t get burnt out.

  • Emerald

    Some of these habits are ones that are near and dear to my heart. I have made exercise a habit not only for the aesthetic benefits but because I genuinely feel better when I exercise. And I also love Me Time, although I don’t get much of it with small children. I need to make it a priority.

  • Jenn

    There are great tips, and not too hard to accomplish. I know I really need to make some changes in my daily habits, as I’m not getting any younger. It seems changes get harder to make as I get older. I keep telling myslef to just jump right into new healthier habits without over thinking it.

  • Censie Sawyer

    Great tips. I usually find myself hibernating in the winter time. This year though, I have been trying to be more active and taking care of my skin, nails and hair better. This time of the year is so dry so you have to be careful what products you use. Healthy daily habits are so important.

  • E H

    These are awesome tips – I have to print them out and post on my fridge! I get too busy during the day, and almost every time forget many points on this list that I should really be doing to stay healthy and sane. I don’t know how that is possible even – but I absolutely need to drink more water, exercise and keep the house at a proper humidity level – these are all the basics, and yet I always need to be reminded, and that you for pointing this out for me today.

  • Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking

    Our winter weather has been all over the place this year. I’ve loved that it has made winter go by quickly with the 60 & 70 degree days, but it is wreaking havoc on my skin. I’ve had to use a lot of moisturizer. The warmer days have me itching for spring, and I’ve been cleaning like a crazy person!

  • Parpar de Real

    Ohh! I think I need this tips I almost forgot to high my water intake I’m so busy all day but If I’m drinking water onl2 glasses for 3 hours, I need to high my intake for my health

  • Valerie

    Great reminders here. I really need to work on the taking better care of my skin thing, especially – my legs and feet. I really need to buy a humidifier. I have terrible allergies and it would make a big difference.

  • Tiffany

    I just went on a Must Drink Water thing this week. I just felt like it was needed and I can definitely feel the difference since starting. I’m up to about 8 bottles a day and I love it. Sometimes you just need to do what’s best for your body.