Monday Mingle: July 11 and Driving Distractions

Hi there and Happy Monday Mingle. I did this one on the fly today and couldn’t recall question 2. So here is question two in  print. Q2. Where do you go to relax or have peace and quiet.?
I used to go the bathroom, but my kids often bust in or slip notes through the door or holler loudly on other side of door, so no escape there. Once in awhile I now use the YMCA as my quiet place. Workout time equals quiet time. So if you see me at the YMCA back away slowly.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Jenine

    Haha – loved that you recorded your mingle in the car with the kids. The kids are my big distraction too. We have a small SUV so although they’re in the back seat, they’re still RIGHT behind me. And they can get quite loud.

    I also used to escape to the bathroom but that usually wasn’t much of a break because I swear the kids have some sort of light that flashes on that tells them to find me and bug me.

  • Cluttered Brain

    I didnt get to see your video it said it was unavailable,. I liek on the fly mingles too…haha.
    Love it. have a good week!
    I mingled this week…late but I mingled…