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What is Unique? #Kindermom and a $250 Visa Contest

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My girls with their martial arts hero Frank Trejo
My kids are fierce. There are other words to describe them for sure. And some days they push me to my limits like any other kids on the planet, but my girls are my heart. Walking around outside my body. In that devastatingly painful way that children do.
My girls are hope and pride, memories, passion, love and strength, faith. My girls are smart and kind and caring and loving and compassionate and strong. They stand up for others and have a strong sense of advocacy and a voice. My girls are my wish for the world as a better place.
Payton and Ainsley both came to us as babies and we adopted them through the domestic foster care system here in Ontario. I know I have told you all the millions of things they do on a regular basis. And I have shared with you also the struggles they have. Payton is now a brown belt at kenpo karate. Payton is a perfectionist and an anxious child who is also extremely sensitive. For her the days can be challenging and I see her tween struggles with hormones already making life volatile. (I might have likened this stage at one point recently on twitter to parenting an overgrown toddler on hormones. I stand by that.) But my beautiful girl sings and performs and is at home on stage, my creative child and martial artist too, destined to become a teacher or social worker, a helping girl to the core.
Ainsley, has a list of special needs, a trail of ABCs behind her name that make her a unique little package of needs and struggles, challenges, disabilities and frustrations. And yet, this girl has fought so hard from the start. As a baby she overcame so much before she was placed in my arms, first as her foster mom and then her adoptive mom, and lately mostly just Mom. She is my fighter, a girl who has to overcome 101 hurdles because of her disability, just to get to school each day. A girl who underwent  physiotherapy and occupational therapy and specialists and doctor’s appointments and assessments galore. She is my brave heart. Same girl who wrote my uncle every week as he was dying from cancer. This one has a deep connection to seniors and babies. In recent months as her grandmother began to have more difficulty with things like tying shoes, I could count on her to always bend down and fix Grandma’s shoelaces with incredible patience and love.
Sometimes unique is quirky
My girls are unique and amazing. KinderCanada asked me to share some ways my kids are unique for their latest campaign. I have enjoyed being a Kindermom again this year and I am happy to share with you the many unique toys inside the latest Kindersurprises. 
Right now and up until June 19th, if you visit KinderCanada on Facebook and share something that’s unique about your child, you might win one of three $250 Visa cards. Check out the new pink collection with 30 unique new toys. You can vote for your favourites too.
I personally love the spiral art toy and the cute little fortune pets and dolls. So tell me, are your kids unique?
I am part of the Kindermom program and as such I receive special perks. The opinions on my blog are all my own.

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