Wonder + Simply Free Blog Tour and The KickOff To BBQ Season, Plus a Progressive Coupon

This is us – enjoying the first long weekend of the summer – thanks to Wonder + Simply Free and The BBQ

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is me doing my happy dance because BBQ season is here and the weather is glorious. Yes, all weekend I have been singing that song – you know the Christmas carol and Staples jingle. Well here It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year because it is barbeque season and that means Mama doesn’t have to cook. See my husband, considers himself the Emeril of the BBQ and frankly that is A-OK by me. I love barbequed food and I love summer and I love the weekend. And my kids love all three just as much as I do. So let’s all do a little happy dance, shall we? Steak and hot dogs and hamburgers, Oh My!

Ainsley and me shopping for our long weekend barbeque. This year there is even greater cause to celebrate with Wonder + Simply Free products including hot dog and hamburger buns. My kids love the bread – white flour that is unbleached and preservative free. Scores high marks with me. Soon to be a hit with Moms everywhere.

This year the only thing better than the arrival of Barbeque season and summer and all that great stuff – is the great new line of products from Weston’s Bakeries called Wonder + SimplyFree. It is the first Canadian National Brand of bakery products made with unbleached wheat flour and also free of preservatives !!! I love that. No added flavours or colours and the products are also free of high fructose corn syrup. All that and they taste great too. I was insanely happy, as a parent who reads labels when Maple Leaf started making their deli meats Natural Selections without any unnatural preservatives. Now that a bakery is taking this on I am thrilled. Kudos to Weston’s Bakeries. My youngest child has special needs and I am particularly conscious of her food intake – especially when it comes to items with preservatives. In fact if I see it has a preservative like sodium bicarbonate on a label I simply don’t buy the item. SimplyFree gives me another healthy choice and that makes me happy. This weekend we tested their bread and hot dog buns. Both get our highest marks. If only every major food producer that my family came in contact with made products that were this nutritious and healthy, well I’d be happy dancing through the grocery store.

 This summer Wonder + SimplyFree wants to pass on some deals to you and some Barbeque tips too. The first recipes are here: available through Canadian Living (There will be 10 in total before the summer ends)
The Canadian Living web site also has some interesting barbeque facts and trivia “Learn How to Build a Better BBQ” ( and “The History of Barbecuing in Canadian Culture” (
Also fans of the new products can get great savings through Wonder’s Facebook page. Right now there is a progressive coupons offer for SimplyFree buns on the Facebook page. Just click like on their page and reserve your coupon. (For you folks unfamiliar with the progressive coupon idea – it works like this – the more you share it the greater the savings.) You can also visit the web site for more information.
I am partcipating in a blog tour with Mom Central Canada and Weston’s Bakeries. For being part of this campaign I will receive coupons and a gift card. The opinions on my blog are my own.

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  • earlie

    I love Barbequing too. If we are fortunate to get a nice sunshine, my friends here in England gathered on weekends for a sumptuous bbq,it’s really brilliant to enjoy good weather with barbeque a hand away.