Wednesday Love and The Great Canadian Link Exchange

Happy Wednesday. There is so much to love about Wednesday. The first thing I love about Wednesday is my new cynergy class at lunch at the Y on Sunningdale Road and then there is my favourite show on TV. My guilty pleasure – otherwise known as America’s Next Top Model. Oh I know it is really sad, but I love it. Can’t argue with that, can you? My youngest child does riding lessons at SARI on this evening and I love watching. Occasionally I love not going to watch and taking a moment to blog books over at or the New York Journal of Books. Then there is this: The Follow Me I’m Canadian Link Exchange and I adore this too. It’s a great way to get to know some amazing Canadian bloggers and mompreneurs. So head over and find a new friend or a business or product you like and get cozy. See you again next week!

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.

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  • kkrige

    Not only am I Canadian, but I am pretty sure that I am from your home town. London, right? Saying you watched your daughter riding at Sari gave it away.

    I didn’t really see a link to hook up to, so I will just add a link to my blog here.