15 Creative Star Wars Cupcakes for Fans

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is about to hit the theatre, and we can barely contain our excitement! I am a big Star Wars fan, especially since the new movies featuring kickbutt females have arrived. In fact we were having this conversation the other day at our breakfast table and my daughter stated there have always been kickbutt females in Star Wars movies. Might have to agree with her.


Anyways, this month we will be showing up at the theatre to see this one for certain! Nothing hits the spot like a themed treat to satisfy a Star Wars craving. To celebrate the new movie coming out, I have a few delicious and unique Star Wars cupcakes for you to try. Well, the recipes for the Star Wars cupcakes actually. You have to do some of the work here. These are great for parties, snacks, or even a pre movie treat!

15 Creative Star Wars Cupcakes for Fans

  1. Princess Leia Cupcakes
  2. Yoda Cupcakes
  3. Star Wars Gingerbread Cookies
  4. Storm Trooper Cupcakes
  5. Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Cupcakes
  6. BB8 Cupcakes
  7. Yoda Cupcakes
  8. BB8 Inspired Cupcakes
  9. Light Saber Cupcakes
  10. Chewie Cupcakes
  11. Sarlacc Cupcakes
  12. Light Saber Cupcake Cake
  13. Yoda and Chewie Cupcakes
  14. Low Carb Star Wars Cupcakes
  15. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Are you a Star Wars fan? Have you ever made Star Wars cupcakes? If so which character have you done? The Stormtroopers are one of my favourites here. Oh by the way if you are a massive Star Wars fan I have one or two other ideas for you. This is my DIY Darth Vader Star Wars Printable. And Here is my Star Wars Printable Valentine’s post. 

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