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Growing Your Business Skills with The Art of Leadership for Women Conference

I am so excited to share with you news of the upcoming Art of Leadership for Women Conference. This year I am feeling the need to grow through networking and this conference is a great way to help me achieve my personal goals.
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This is my year for growthI am taking it to the next level. I am outsourcing, scaling, connecting, moving forward and creating a supportive base of contractors and a network on which I can launch even higher.
Last year Thrifty Mom Media, my social media consulting and strategy business took off. A consistent stable of clients continued to refer me for jobs and life was good, better than good financially and professionally. Personally though there is always a trade off. This year, there are fewer events that I can attend, fewer assemblies at the children’s schools, no time to cook or clean or manage my home. My head down, just do it attitude, sometimes means that when I suddenly look up from a big project months have gone by.
I am the type of person always seeking challenges and forever trying to bring creativity to whatever task I choose. I thrive on what I do now and it makes me a better person because I am fulfilled most days. Recently I hit the conference circuit at Mom 2.0 in Atlanta that fit right into my philosophy of growth for this year. It was another great learning opportunity that helped bring clarity moving forward. What do I need to do to keep growing? Am I big enough for my comfort? Can I balance my health with my business and continue to grow? Where do I go next?
My business is a rapidly changing environment and I strive to stay on top of trends while learning marketing, business skills and networking. Up until this year I have coasted on the networking part. I struggle with that as an introvert. Networking is outside my comfort zone. I would rather be in my home office working away, writing, stringing words and campaigns together and picturing how they will look and what they will bring about when they take flight. I know that if I am to grow I need to keep learning and I should build the areas where I am not out of my zone.
So where will that take me next? The Art of Leadership for Women Conference  is my next big learning opportunity. The conference takes place May 29, 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Part of the strategy for me has always been getting myself into the rooms where the big ideas and the inspiration are being shared. This year at the Art of Leadership for Women Conference with speakers such as Wendy Mesley and Martha Stewart, I look forward to hearing their insights into business practices that work.
The lineup of speakers is stunning and it’s really what convinced me to take the train ride to Toronto at the end of the month. Olympic Gold medalist Hayley Wickenheiser is a force of nature with a smart and responsible presence on social media. She’s a female athlete and an adoptive parent and for me she is the biggest draw. When I am listening to her speak, I will also be tuned into any life lessons I can pass on to my sporty tween girls. I have no doubt both my girls would go berserk to meet her.
There are so many brilliant speakers and I am very excited about this event. Wendy Mesley, broadcast journalist from CBC’s The National is inspiring to me on a daily basis because she does what she does with passion and intelligence. I believe her, trust her and let her into my home on a regular basis. Can’t wait to hear if she talks about her life and her battle with cancer as well.
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