15 Scrumptious Blackberry Recipes

Blackberry recipes are some of my family favourites. Thankfully, the kids love blackberries so much. This time of year they make a great healthy option. I enjoy stocking the fridge with berries of all sorts so they have some great health options to grab and go. A bowl of washed fruits and blackberries can disappear so fast!


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Blackberries, when blended into a recipe, can make a very appealing visual. The pinks they make sometimes in frostings or ice creams are gorgeous. Plus they taste like a little bit of heaven. Love the tart taste that sometimes occurs from blackberry recipes. Also I enjoy combinations of natural flavours like lemon and raspberry with blackberries.


5 Blackberry Facts You Might Not Know:

  1. Mexico is one of the world’s biggest producers of blackberries with almost all of their blackberries being exported to areas of the US and Canada as well as Europe.
  2. There are numerous types of blackberries – Erect, hybrids, trailing, thornless and primocane.
  3. Blackberries are rich in many vitamins, including Vitamin A, C and K. They are also an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fibre.
  4. Blackberries are perennials.
  5. They are rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. Some of these compounds have been found in preliminary studied to be fierce cancer fighters.

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 15 Amazing Blackberry Recipes

1. Blackberry Swirl Muffins with Honey Butter
2. Blackberry Crisp
3. Lemon Cupcakes with Blackberry Buttercream
4. Fried Blackberry Hand Pies
5. Fresh Blackberry Mini Pies
6. No Bake Blackberry Cheesecake
7. Blackberry Ice Cream
8. Puff Pastry Blackberry Pie Bites
9. Blackberry Granola Smoothie Bowl
10. Chocolate Blackberry Cupcakes
11. Whipped Blackberry Honey Butter
12. Blackberry Cobbler
13. Blackberry Coconut Fat Bombs
14. Blackberry Crumb Bars
15. Blackberry Coconut Smoothie

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What are your favourite blackberry recipes? These lemon cupcakes with blackberry buttercream look unbelievable! I might need to make these fast before all the blackberries vanish. And that smoothie? YES PLEASE!

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  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I remember going on the hunt for wild blackberries and boy did they taste good. 🙂

  • Lynda Cook

    These all look so delicious but my most favourite would have to be the No Bake Blackberry Cheesecake, Yummmm!!!!

  • Krista M

    Honestly we don’t have blackberries very often, it’s not a main fruit I buy. I think I need to be more adventurous & get on board ’cause these recipes look delicious! I like the Whipped Blackberry Honey Butter one.