25 Creative Halloween Cupcakes

Creative Halloween cupcakes are fun for all ages. If your child’s school still has Halloween parties, or if your tween/teen gets invited to a seasonal dress-up party, then you know you need to have something cute to make and take. Well, hold the presses because I have a great collection of some of the cutest Halloween cupcakes around.

From creepy brains and standard Halloween spiders to cute owl cupcakes, there’s a little of everything here. Maleficent cupcakes with horns are crazy fun. Here’s some of my favourite picks for cute treats this Halloween.


Creative Halloween Cupcakes are always a huge hit and Halloween is the perfect time to bring out the creativity! Here’s 25 creative Halloween inspired cupcake ideas!

Kooky and Spooky Halloween Cupcakes:

1. Creepy Brain Cupcakes
2. Bloody Cupcakes
3. Oreo Spider Cupcakes
4. Bloody Knife Halloween Cupcake Recipe
5. Halloween Treat: Monster Four Legged Cupcakes
6. DIY Hootie Owl Cupcakes
7. Eye of Newt Cupcakes
8. Skull Candy Cupcakes
9. Maleficent Cupcakes with Horns Inspired by Disney
10. Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes
11. Halloween Spider Cupcakes
12. Creepy Eyeball Cupcakes (Egg-free, Dairy Free)
13. Minion Pumpkin Cupcakes
14. Super Fun Halloween Cupcakes In A Jar
15. Worms In Dirt Cupcakes
16. Oreo Stuffed Spider Cupcakes
17. Easy Monster Eye Cupcakes
18. Monster Cupcakes
19. Skeleton Cupcakes
20. Cauldron Cakes

21. Monster Strawberry Cupcakes
22. Pumpkin Spice Pudding Halloween Cupcakes
23. Jack-o-Lantern Cupcakes (Pumpkin Patch Cupcake Poppers)
24. All Natural Zombie Brain Cupcakes
25. Halloween Inspired Kids Cupcake Ideas: Monster Cupcakes

OH and since it’s Halloween here’s a little treat for you! Four extra cute Halloween Cupcakes.

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Creative Halloween Cupcakes Bonus:

1. Trick or Treat Cupcake Parfaits
2. Mickey Mouse Mummy Cupcakes
3. The Walking Dead Inspired Cupcakes
4. Spider Cupcakes Halloween Treat Idea

I can’t wait for Halloween this year. It’s so much fun every single year to see how the neighbours dress up there houses and how the little people dress up. I enjoy Halloween cupcakes, but I enjoy the fun creative spirit of this time of year even more.

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Are you a Halloween lover or is it not your bag of tricks?

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