• lemon_meringue_cupcakes

    Perfect Tangy Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

    These Lemon Meringue Cupcakes are most, tangy, sweet and memorable. They might change your life. Imagine tangy lemon, plus crunchy sweet toasted meringue, grounded by the moist comforting flavour of vanilla cake. Mad tasty combination, right? Perfect textures and oh my gosh refreshing! These Lemon Meringue Cupcakes are what you need this summer. Tastiest Cupcakes Ever! These tangy lemon meringue cupcakes might be the best cupcakes I have made yet. By now, you all know deeply ingrained my love for lemon is. It’s simply always my favourite taste. That tangy sour fresh juicy lemon flavour rocks. Of course, everyone adores vanilla cupcakes or cakes. Doesn’t that just remind you of…

  • cookie_dough_bars

    Sweet Tooth Cookie Dough Bars

    YUMMIEST EVER. That’s right. You know the great parts of Nanaimo bars? Like the rich, sweet, buttery filling and the smooth chocolate? Take all of that and then add cookie dough. That’s Sweet Tooth Cookie Dough Bars. Everyone loves cookie dough. I mean honestly I have teen girls so I know fully the appeal of cookie dough. These sweet tooth cookie dough bars are divine. My girls could eat cookie dough by the spoonful. These sweet tooth cookie dough bars are the best ever. Just look at these pictures. I am salivating remembering them. Time to make more. PLUS, all of the melted chocolate in the middle. Just imagine all…

  • Christmas_tree_cookies

    Show-stopping 3D Christmas Tree Cookies

    It’s baking season!! Wahoo. I love baking. I have a big sweet tooth. You might already know that if you spend any time reading this blog at all. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to bake with my kids. And honestly it’s okay to indulge just a little more this time of year. These 3 D Christmas Tree Cookies are a showstopper. These Christmas Tree Cookies are magical, don’t you think? Wait until you see the look on people’s faces when you share and serve. There are several steps to making these, but they are very worth the time and effort. Start with a basic Christmas Tree Cookie, add a huge…

  • Halloween_cupcakes

    25 Creative Halloween Cupcakes

    Creative Halloween cupcakes are fun for all ages. If your child’s school still has Halloween parties, or if your tween/teen gets invited to a seasonal dress-up party, then you know you need to have something cute to make and take. Well, hold the presses because I have a great collection of some of the cutest Halloween cupcakes around. From creepy brains and standard Halloween spiders to cute owl cupcakes, there’s a little of everything here. Maleficent cupcakes with horns are crazy fun. Here’s some of my favourite picks for cute treats this Halloween. Creative Halloween Cupcakes are always a huge hit and Halloween is the perfect time to bring out…

  • pumpkin_treats

    Pumpkin Treats Almost Too Good To Share

    I was an adult before I grew into my love for all things pumpkin. As a kid, pumpkin never appealed to me as a food, or a flavour. It was fun to carve and sometimes a treat to make pumpkin crafts, but I would never have eaten pumpkin treats. ¬†Adulthood has some benefits and thankfully tastebuds mature sometimes. Even if you all like different things in your family, that’s okay, because some things are too good to be shared – like these pumpkin treats This roundup of beautiful pumpkin treats knocks my socks off. I probably wouldn’t have thought to put together Cranberries and Pumpkin. But these cranberry pumpkin muffins…

  • no bake cheesecake
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    Mouth-Watering No Bake Cheesecake Recipe Roundup

    NO Bake treats are some of my favourite things as a person who craves treats and sweets. When it comes to the best desserts on the planet, cheesecake is definitely right up there ranking highly in my books. SO, when you combine no bake treats with cheesecake recipes well that’s just pure gold in my opinion. Doesn’t matter how you like your cheesecake really, if you can find a no bake variation then you save time and energy and simplify the process. Keep it simple stupid is my basic cooking and baking philosophy so bring on the No Bake Cheesecake Recipes. Is there anything better than cheesecake? Well, yes actually.…

  • Cherry_Desserts
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    The Best Ever Cherry Desserts

    Cherry Desserts remind me of being a child again. Cherries in general also do that for me. My Mom was the world’s biggest fan of strawberries. She loved cherries too. I think that was partly because her parents had a berry farm many years ago and she grew up eating both often. As a kid I loved cherries and some of the best cherry desserts too. My daughters both love blueberries and strawberries, but they crave cherries the most. There is nothing so simple, refreshing and healthy as fresh seasonal berries, just picked and ready to eat. I personally can’t wait until June when both cherries and strawberries are in…