25 Whimsical Unicorn Party Ideas

Have a childlike fascinations with unicorns? These Unicorn party ideas are just the thing for you then! Unicorns capture the imaginations of everyone, no matter how old or how young. There’s something whimsical and fun about unicorns and unicorn foods and novelties too.

This year unicorns are inspiring all kinds of cheery hairstyles, clothing designs and baked goods.

Some fun and whimsical Unicorn Party ideas and recipes

Here is everything you need to pull off a fun little Unicorn party for any age. I know my kids would have loved these unicorn party ideas if we had ever chosen that as a theme for one of their parties. They are now a bit too old for this type of birthday party. BUT, that doesn’t mean I won’t use several of these recipes. I mean who doesn’t love colourful, rainbow coloured cakes and treats?

Pretty much every child I know loves the idea of food that’s designated as poop of some sort. From poo emojis, to markers that smell like poo, or some sort of simulated less offensive sort of waste product, poo makes kids instantly silly. Unicorn poop is such a fun treat to make and share. There are several variations of unicorn poop for the unicorn party ideas gathered up in this post.


And unicorn bark has my name all over it. LOVE all of the bark ideas I have ever come across. If Mermaids are more your speed then here’s my Mermaid Themed Party Ideas and crafts post.



25 Unicorn Party Ideas

Crafts, Cupcakes and DIYs

1. Unicorn Cheesecake Dip Recipe
2. Edible Unicorn Horns
3. Unicorn Bark
4. Washi Tape Unicorn
5. Unicorn Poop Cookies
6. Unicorn Cheesecake Bars
7. Galaxy Unicorn Shirt
8. Unicorn Poop Surprise Loaf Cake
9. Unicorn Poop Cupcakes
10. Unicorn Drool Lip Balm
11. Unicorn Poop Money Bread
12. Unicorn Ice Cream
13. Unicorn Treat Bags
14. Unicorn Poop Veggie Dip
15. Unicorn Poop Toaster Pastry Tarts
16. Unicorn Bark
17. Unicorn Cupcakes
18. Unicorn Muddy Buddies
19. Unicorn Mini Donuts
20. Unicorn Floats
21. Unicorn Kiss Cookies
22. Unicorn Popcorn
23. Unicorn Poke Cake
24. Unicorn Horn Muddy Buddies
25. Unicorn Hot Chocolate


Planning to make Number 7? The T-shirt? Here are the materials you need:

This is the tie dye kit we have used many times and love.


All the Rainbow-themed Goodies and Treats

Unicorn Party Ideas run the range here. I mean with this list you could pretty much create the entire unicorn party on your own for a song actually. Do not forget to check out this Unicorn Valentine’s Notes post. Tell me, are your kids big unicorn fans?

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