21 Cute and Fun Mermaid Party Ideas

Ariel? Where are you girl? We have Ariel. She’s right here, ready to help you celebrate a party in style. Seriously though, everyone knows The Little Mermaid story. It’s one of Disney’s most admired timeless stories. Girls everywhere love Ariel for her fiery red hair and her independent spirit.

Mermaid crafts, Mermaid stories and movies and dolls and Mermaid party ideas too! Everything Mermaid is fun when you are a kid.

So, if your child is mermaid obsessed then these Mermaid crafts are fin-tastic!

I love these Mermaid treats especially. I know I am not supposed to have a favourite but I do. The Sparkly Mermaid slime is perfect and so on trend. Everyone is making their own homemade slime right now. It is a cool sensory activity. The Mermaid Soap is also pretty cool in my opinion.

21 Mermaid Party Ideas

1. Paper Bag Mermaid Craft
2. Mermaid Tiara
3. Clothes Pins Mermaids
4. Disney Little Mermaid Ears
5. Sparkly Mermaid Slime
6. Sea Parfait Recipe
7. D.I.Y Mermaid Tiara
8. Mermaid Soap
9. Mermaid Cake
10. Wooden Spoon Mermaid Craft
11. Magical Mermaid Crown
12. Little Mermaid Crafts
13. Mermaid Play Dough Kit
14. Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs
15. Ocean Oyster Pearl Cookies
16. Light Up Mason Jar Aquariums
17. Paper Roll Mermaids
18. Homemade Trident
19. Paint Mermaid Nails with Eyeshadow
20. Mermaid Towel Tail
21. Mermaid Lunch for Kids


When my girls were small they went through a Mermaid phase mostly inspired by Ariel and The Little Mermaid. My oldest daughter once played Flounder in Little Mermaid Junior at Original Kids Theatre Company. Her Flounder was hilarious and the young girl who played Ariel has an exceptional singing voice.


More Treats and Party Ideas Here:

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And who doesn’t want a mermaid tale?

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