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5 Alabama Attractions You’ll Love #Travel


Alabama attractions are many and varied. If you’re traveling to Alabama, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the terrain, as well as the white sand beaches, historical sites, museums, and more. There’s something for everyone among the many Alabama attractions to choose from.

Alabama Attractions – There’s so Much to See

Most people think of fields full of cotton, soybeans, or cows, and beaches too, when they think of Alabama. And while all of that is true, there are actually lots of Alabama attractions to take in if you travel to the state. These attractions range from the U.S. Space and Rocket Center to old blast furnaces to the beaches of Gulf Shores and more.

Gulf Shores

No guide to Alabama attractions could start out any other way than by mentioning Gulf Shores. One of Alabama’s most famous tourist spots, Gulf Shores is much more than just beaches – although it has those in spades. Gulf Shores is as exciting as it is beautiful. When you’re not baking on the beach, you can go on deep sea fishing expeditions; enjoy their downtown area filled with dining, nightlife, arcades for the kids, and more; or just relax in any of the posh luxury hotels that line the beachfront.

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The Sloss Furnaces

If you love the feel of post apocalyptic steam punk, why not go on a tour of The Sloss Furnaces. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, this furnace complex, which closed its doors in 1971, has a look of decay that’s right out of a movie. This most eerie of Alabama attractions is covered in overgrowth, rust, and that post apocalyptic vibe that we all love to see in our television shows and feature films.

Ave Maria Grotto

File this under Alabama attractions you’d probably never think of. Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, Alabama is a 50 year undertaking by Benedictine Monk, Joseph Zelttle. Over the course of 50 years, Brother Joe crafted cement, stones, and junk into aminature city of the world’s most important religious structures. You can take a winding path dotted with miniature building clusters and find yourself at a hillside packed with an urban conglomeration of religious structures from around the world.


Okay. This is one Alabama attraction that you wouldn’t expect to find anywhere. As the name suggests, Bamahenge, located in Elberta Alabama, is a replica of England’s Stonehenge. Made from concrete and anchored with buried telephone poles, Bamahenge can stand the test of time just like the ancient ruins it emulates. It’s one of the more interesting and far less known Alabama attractions out there.

U.S. Space and Rocket Center

If you want your Alabama trip to be full of fun AND learning, head to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, located in Huntsville, Alabama. Next to Gulf Shores, this is the most famous of all Alabama attractions. This massive complex is entirely devoted to the United States’ space program. From the exact replica of the Saturn V moon rocket standing on the grounds to the Pathfinder,  a full-size test model Space Shuttle to the many tours, The U.S. Space and Rocket center is a fantastic destination to have a wonderful time and learn a lot.

All of These and More

You might be surprised to know that the 5 Alabama attractions listed here are just a small fraction of the things you can see and do in Alabama. Alabama is a state of numerous and diverse things to see, and with all they have to off, Alabama attractions will please any traveler.

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