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Flying with a Senior – 5 Tips to Make it Easier #travel


Flying with a senior relative can be difficult. The waiting and pressure change can be harder on an older body. That’s exacerbated even more if the senior has a medical issue, or a failing memory. These tips for flying with a senior can make the trip easier on them and on you as well.

5 Tips to Make Flying with a Senior Easier

Flying with a senior is no easy task. We all know how uncomfortable flights can be on us. Now imagine flying with an older body that’s already sore and achey on a good day. Now don’t think for one second that I am suggesting all seniors are frail or in poor health. They aren’t. Many are very fit and travel well. But some require a lot more assistance, patience and understanding. That’s why proper planning is key.


Planning is key to flying with a senior who might have any health challenges. You want to find the quickest route possible. You’ll also want to avoid regional flights if at all possible. Regional flights use smaller planes that generally require passengers to climb a flight of stairs to get into the plane. In addition to that, look for senior discounts. Most airlines offer them, so shop around for the major airline that offers the best deal.

Know Your Senior

Does the senior you’re flying with have any sort of vein issue like varicose veins or blood clot issues? If the answer is no, then it’s best to book a non-stop flight to lessen travel time. If the answer is yes, then you’ll want to book two connecting flights so your senior relative can get off of the plane and walk around a bit to relieve the stress on their legs.

This thinking holds true for medications as well. If you’re flying with a senior who requires medications, make sure you bring them in your carry on bag, so you won’t miss a dose while you’re in the air.

Disability Options

If you’re flying with a senior with any sort of disability, make sure you find an airline that accommodates those needs. Depending on the airline, you can choose disability options at the time of booking or you may be required to contact the airline by phone to request disability options. However the airline does it, all airlines are required by law to accommodate disabled persons of any age.

Food and Drink

Sometimes, seniors have special dietary requirements. Maybe they need to eat certain types of foods. Maybe they need to eat on a regular basis to control their blood sugar. If your senior family member has any need such as this, always remember to bring those items on your carry on bag.

Keep Flight Attendant Apprised

If you’re flying with a senior who has any sort of cognitive impairment like dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, let the flight attendants know as soon as possible. People who suffer from these conditions can sometimes have episodes, and you want the flight attendants to be aware going in, especially with the current climate of flight.

Flying with Seniors – Planning is Key

When flying with a senior relative, planning is key. With the proper planning, you can find better prices, better flight arrangements, and keep your relative as comfortable as possible throughout the flight. So remember, do your homework and cover all your bases. If you do that, you should be fine.



  • Kathleen Bailey

    I’ve never travelled with a senior but I can imagine all the issues that could arise. I didn’t know about the regional flights having smaller planes and stairs so that’s good to know.

  • Randa @ TBK

    It’s also important to remind them to get up and walk around, I learned that after traveling to Hawaii with my in laws. They did many laps up and down the aisles.

    and since my body is like a senior, I personally am very watchful on what I eat before and during the flight. I drink lots of peppermint tea. The altitude does weird things to me.

  • Jennifer (momvstheboys)

    Great tips, I don’t think either of my parents have ever been on a plane actually, but I know how nervous I am meal planning just when my great grandma comes to visit! Travelling could be stressful if you aren’t prepared!

  • Angela V

    Fantastic tips! We have traveled with my husband’s 80 year old grandmother and you are right! Planning IS key!

  • Amanda

    Great tips! I’ve never travelled with any seniors but my parents are wanting to do a family vacation soon so it may happen in the future. You’ve covered a lot that I would’ve never thought to think of.