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Organize Your Wallet With UGO Wallet $20 Offer #UGOWalletStart

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If you are at all like me your wallet is weighed down by more rewards cards than you can count. It seems every store you visit these days has a rewards card. In fact lately they seem more prevalent than ever. Just today I was hunting for my library card and barely could find it buried beneath rewards cards. So when I heard about UGO Wallet app I had to give it a try.

UGO wallet app is free. You can download it and store all your rewards cards on UGO Wallet app. And more importantly right now for a limited time when you sign up, download the app and add your loyalty cards to UGO, you also get a $20 Ultimate Dining Card as a gift. That’s $20 to spend at a restaurant. Participating restaurants that are eligible include Harvey’s, Swiss Chalet, Milestones Grill and Bar, Montana’s, Kelsey’s, Casey’s and East Side Mario’s.

Simplify your life with UGO Wallet and put your messy wallet on a diet. Now you can quickly add your loyalty cards to your smartphone, and if you have a compatible phone, add participating credit cards, too. Then organize them any way you want so you can easily pull ‘em up right when you need ‘em. Find out how UGO Wallet can make your life easier at the register.

So Start Your Wallet Now. 

Start your UGO Wallet today. Get a $20 Ultimate Dining Card. This promotion is only available to Android and iOS users. This offer ends on July 31, 2015. Lighten your physical wallet, still have the payment and rewards cards you need, better organization PLUS a $20 dining card just for registering this week!

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The offer is not available on Blackberry. It is also not available if you downloaded the app before July 2015. For more details on terms visit the above link at Start Your Wallet.

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This post has been sponsored by UGO Wallet App which means I was compensated. My opinion is all my own.

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