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6 Tips for Taking Your Kids on a Cruise


6 Tips for Taking your Kids on a Cruise

You’ll find a lot of people who say that a cruise is the perfect vacation for a young family. With stress free accommodation, entertainment and travel included in one big package, it’s an incredibly simple way to get sorted for the summer without having to fuss over bus trips or motels. Some parents might be worried about how well their little ones will fare, particularly if it’s their first time on a cruise ship, but there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Follow these handy hints for taking the kids cruising, and you’ll be sitting pretty.

Stock your carry-on with kids’ essentials

It can often take a couple of hours for luggage to arrive in your cabin after you’ve boarded. If you’re travelling with little ones who will be desperate to get out and start having fun, it’s a good idea to pack your carry-on bag with some holiday essentials. Sunscreen, bathing suits, juice boxes and any beloved toys are a few items that spring to mind!

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Research the facilities included with your cabin


It’s not common for standard cruise ship cabins to have bathtubs, and some may not come with a refrigerator either. If you have little children who need to be bathed in a tub, or if you need to chill juice, milk or snacks in a fridge, then it’s worthwhile doing some research before you book. You may have to shell out a little extra for a better-equipped cabin, but it might be worth it for your peace of mind.

Remember to ask for a cot when you’re booking

It’s standard for family-friendly cruise holidays to offer free cots to parents with young children – but just remember to ask for one when you’re making the booking, and not once you’ve arrived for your cruise! You can research everything about taking a cruise here on this site.

Get the lowdown on free children’s activities in advance

Most cruises that cater for families will offer free kids’ activities and clubs where you can drop your little ones off for a few hours of fun. It’s a good idea to research these before you arrive so you can timetable your first couple of days, bearing in mind that there may be minimum age requirements in place.

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Book a separate cabin for older children

If you’re looking to really relax and enjoy your holiday, then this tip can be a lifesaver – for parents and kids alike! Older children will love having their privacy and freedom, and you’ll get more space to stretch out and relax. Best of all, lots of cruise ships offer interconnecting cabins which means the kids will only be a door away.

Let your kids do their own thing!

Remember that a well-run cruise ship is an incredibly safe space, staffed by dedicated men and women who will go the extra mile to keep you and your family comfortable. If your kids are old enough to wander on their own, then there’s no harm in letting them explore – they’ll have a ball making adventures of their own, and you can rest easy knowing they’ll be in safe hands.

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